When is the Best Time to Take a Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

The best time to take a Clearblue Pregnancy Test is a week after having unprotected sex. Clearblue test kits are extremely sensitive and they will be able to to detect pregnancy hormones in your urine as soon as week of getting pregnant.

But not all women are the same. Some women may have extremely low pregnancy hormones after implantation (getting pregnant). The kit will show not pregnant. But on the day of your next period the results will be 99% accurate. On that day each woman has enough hormones HcG to test positive.

Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test

Clearblue test kit is an extremely sensitive kit that picks out pregnancy hormones in your urine. 

This test kit should be a friend to all sexually active women. This kit should be part of the kits in parents of sexually active girls. Keep one or two with you all the time so that you are able to test yourself in the event of a mistake.

If you are a parent and you notice your girl child behaving in some way do not be taken by accident. Keep testing her. There is an advantage of testing her frequently and the advantage is that you will know early if she is pregnant. The frequent test are also a deterrent from misbehaving. Your daughter knows that you will know quickly in the event of a pregnancy and therefore she will be a bit careful.

When you know your status then have the facts at hand and decide what to do quickly. With pregnancy, early knowledge is power. Pregnancy is a time sensitive issue. If you know early you have enough time to make a decision to keep the pregnancy or terminate it.

And if you know late then time makes the decision for you. All countries where abortion is legal have a cut off time when you can not terminate. 

Clearblue Test Kit empowers you to know early. You use it in the comfort of your home. It is private and it is very accurate.

The digital test kit will be able to tell print on the screen whether the you are pregnant and it will tell you the duration.   

How to use Clearblue Pregnancy Test

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Get a container and urinate into it.

Remove the blue cup from the Clearblue test kit.

Deep the stick into the urine for 5 seconds until when the end becomes pink.

Lay it on a flat surface with the results window facing up. Within three minutes it will print on the screen the results. The digital test kit will print Pregnant or Not Pregnant. And the Analog one will show lines. If there two lines forming a cross you are pregnant. If it is one line, you are not pregnant. It does not matter how faint the lines are. The results remain correct accordingly.

Clearblue Results

The digital test kit has two possible results that are printed on the screen. It will print on the screen either “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”.

It does not give you a chance of getting the results wrong. You will know without doubt what is happening as the results are on the screen in-front of you.

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Results 1-2 Weeks

The results will be positive. Clearblue test kit will print on the screen that you are 1 to 2 weeks pregnant. That is if you have used the digital test kit.

The analog one will print a cross and will not tell you the duration.

Clearblue test kit showing weeks

Clear blue Digital Pregnancy Test Results 3+

When a kit shows that you are 3+, it means you 5 weeks plus into your pregnancy. This could be 6 weeks or even 3 months. It is any period after 5 weeks. Clearblue digital kits only show up to 3 weeks. After 3 weeks it will print 3+.

But, pregnancy is calculated from the 1st day of your last menstrual cycle.

You can find a pregnancy duration calculator here .

How soon will a Pregnancy Test Read Positive

Clearblue test kit is extremely sensitive. In most women it will pick up that you are pregnant within a week after getting pregnant.

If it is a digital kit it will print “Pregnant 1-2”. This means you are 1 to 2 weeks pregnant. 2-3 means you are 2 to 3 weeks pregnant. 3+ plus is from 5 weeks pregnant going upwards. It could be 6, 7, or any weeks beyond 5 weeks.

The kit is able to know based on the concentration of pregnancy hormones in your urine.

Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test

This is the more expensive test kit of Clearblue. The kit prints results on the screen. If you are pregnant it will print – “Pregnant” and if not it will print “Not Pregnant”.

There is nothing like the lines are faint. I did not see clearly and all those stories. The results are printed on the screen in words. If you can read then you will know exactly what is going on.

The alternative is the analog version. This uses lines. If it prints one line on the screen you are not pregnant. And if it prints a cross, you are pregnant. It does not matter how faint the cross is. If you can see two lines you are pregnant. 

Can Clearblue Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

Can Clearblue Pregnancy Test give a False Positive or False Negative

Yes. The Clearblue test kit can be wrong under two circumstances.

If you are very early and you test the pregnancy hormones are not highly traceable in your urine. The results will be negative even when you are pregnant. In such a situation you are pregnant and the results are negative.

False Negative

The reason you are negative is because you have tested early. Wait for a few more days say ten or just before your next menstrual cycle and test. The closer you get to menstrual cycle the higher the pregnancy hormones in your body and therefore you will be positive.

If the cup in which the urine is collected is contaminated say it has water in it or any other liquid it will give a wrong reading. Make sure there cup is dry without any liquid.

False Positive

The False Positive occurs when you have terminated (had an abortion) and within a few days you test. In such a situation you will test positive. The reason is that hormones in a woman’s body are not turned off like switch. They take a while to dissipate. If you test immediately after abortion the hormones are still there and you will be positive if you test.

That is the only way the kit will get it wrong. Otherwise if you have not had an abortion or miscarriage there is no way you will get a false positive. That will not happen. If you are pregnant, there hormones in your body and the kit will pick it up and give you a positive result.

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The Clearblue Pregnancy Test kit is extremely accurate. As long as your body has started producing pregnancy hormones, it will pick it up.

Some few women take a while to start producing hormones after falling pregnant. In such a situation it will give a false negative. But, a few days to your next menstrual cycle it will not get it wrong. All women have enough pregnancy hormones then.

Are Clearblue Test Kits Reusable

No. They are not reusable. 

One it would be very unhygienic. Remember you deep the kit in urine. The urine is body waste. So no manufacturer will make a unit that uses human waste and then have it reused. That is why these days even needles are used on one person and one person only. This is to avoid contamination.

Secondly inside the kits there is a chemical that reacts when they come in contact with your urine to give a reading. When this happens the chemical is used up. So, you will need to get a fresh unit to do another test. 

It is therefore critical to do it correctly the first time. Do not rush into a test. Wait for 10 or so days after unprotected sex to test yourself. It is early. Give yourself time for the hormones to appear in your body to get a proper reading.

You should also read the instructions very properly on the flier that comes with the kit.  This is to ensure that you do not misuse the kit and get a wrong reading. 

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Price Clicks

There are two types of Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kits.  We have the digital one that shows weeks into your pregnancy and the analog one that shows lines.

Both kits are OK.

The price keeps increasing. At the moment it is around R100+ for the digital kit. But it is always money well spent.  

When is the Best Time to Take a Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

Between 1 week to 10 days after you have had unsafe sex you will in all likelihood get a proper result. The closer you get to you next expected menstrual cycle you will get a more accurate result from the Clearblue Test Kit.

After abortion the results will be positive for say 14 days until the hormones reduce from your body.

But the Clearblue test kits if used properly they are very accurate.  Just read the flier properly and follow the instructions. If you do that you will get accurate results.

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