Safe Abortion & Abortion Pills in Namibia

We offer Safe Abortion and Abortions Pills in Namibia at Womens Choice Clinic (WhatsApp +27610678310) You will get Safe and Pain Free Abortion For Pregnancy Up to 24 weeks at Womens Choice in Namibia. Abortion Pills are…

Social Issues After Abortion

Social Inflictions After An Abortion You will have emotions after an abortion. These will range from sadness to happiness depending on the reasons why you had the abortion. Each one of us women is unique….

5 Safe Abortion Clinics Pretoria and Prices

5 Safe Abortion Clinics Pretoria and Prices. Pretoria has several abortion clinics ranging from free (government clinics), to affordable then to the expensive centers. The abortion clinics are Women’s Choice, Marie Stope’s, Kalafong Hospital, Jubilee…

Are Abortions Legal in South Africa?

Are abortions legal in South Africa? The answer is yes. Abortion is legal in three Southern African Countries – these are South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique. Each of those three countries have their own legal…

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