Are Abortions Legal in South Africa?

Are abortions legal in South Africa? The answer is yes. Abortion is legal in three Southern African Countries – these are South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique. Each of those three countries have their own legal regime. Our focus here though, will be about the legal regime in South Africa.

Abortion has been legal in South Africa for over two decades.

There are certain critical things about the abortion law in South Africa|
What are the abortion laws in South Africa?

1.You can get an abortion at any age without permission. You do not need permission from your parents, husband, partner or any one. If you are below 18 years you can talk over the issue with a friend, parents or guardian. The people you talk to are not allowed to stop you from having an abortion.

2. You cab have an abortion without any reason to up to 3 months (12 weeks). If you are below 13 weeks you do not need to have a reason to terminate. Just wake up and go and have an abortion if you want. You do not have to give any reasons for your decision.

After 13 weeks to 20 weeks the law says that you must have a decision to terminate. (a) One reason is that you are not health and therefore it proper to terminate. (b) The unborn is not healthy therefore not viable. (c) If you were raped or you are pregnant due to incest. (d) You are financially unstable. Keeping a baby will mess you up more.

After 20 weeks and beyond the fetus is fully grown and the is law tightened up a bit. The unborn or you must be very unhealthy to continue with the pregnancy.

Who is allowed to carry out abortion as per law in South Africa?

The picture below summarizes it.

Adapted from Mail and Guardian

If you are 12 weeks and below it can be done by a trained nurse, midwife and doctor. When you are 12 weeks and beyond it is only a doctor allowed to perform the abortion as per South African law.

That is what the law says.

Until when is abortion in South Africa? |To how many weeks is abortion legal in South Africa

Abortion generally can happen from 20 weeks and below. That is the general law. But there are conditions after 12 weeks. You must have reasons to terminate a pregnancy after 12 weeks.

At what Age is Abortion in South Africa | What is the legal age for abortion in South Africa

The law talks about pregnant women. A pregnant woman is any one at any age who is pregnant.

The law ensures that even minors can have an abortion without permission. This is to ensure that they have an option of not becoming teen mothers.

Teenagers can talk over the option of termination of pregnancy with their parents, guardians and friends. But the person who gets into the confidence of the teenager is not allowed to stop the her from termination.

So any person at any age can terminate without permission.

How much is legal abortion in South Africa?

It can be any price. South African law does not allow collusion. As people in any industry, the competition law does not allow you to set the same price.

Each service provider will set their own price in accordance to what they are offering you or what they think.

The price ranges from free – at a Government hospital or clinic to a few thousands at a private hospital in a major city. In between there are several differing prices depedent on where you get the abortion and what type of abortion you are getting.

Medical abortion – that is abortion with a pill is cheaper than surgical abortion. Private hospitals are more expensive than stand alone clinics.

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