If you have an abortion, will I be able to fall pregnant again?

Falling Pregnant After an Abortion. If you have an abortion, will I be able to fall pregnant again? If you perform safe abortion with either an abortion pill or surgical abortion and you are still young, you should not struggle to fall pregnant again. In fact some girls perform as many as three abortions a year. This is proof that abortion done properly has nothing to do with your fertility.

But if you perform an abortion in a crude form using herbs, hangers, none abortion medication and all other un-recommended ways you risk a not being able to fall pregnant again in future.

Safe Ways to Have an Abortion

There are only two safe ways you can end pregnancy. 1. Using Abortion Pills 2. Surgical Abortion. You can click on the link to find out more about these two abortion methods allowed in South Africa.

Those two ways above are the only two ways recommended by all health authorities globally. Any thing else that you may try is not recommended and no two people will have the same results. If no two people will have the same results such a method is therefore not scientific.

None Safe Ways to Terminate a Pregnancy

We receive thousands of calls from girls wanting information on how they can terminate a pregnancy without going to hospital or clinic. These girls want a do it yourself method to terminate a pregnancy. Below are some of the methods that they want to use.

Many girls ask if they take Coca Cola plus Panadol whether they will terminate. Coca-Cola is drink not designed as a medication. Panadol is a pain killer. Those two products are not designed to terminate. So the results can not be safe if they work at all. I do not believe this method works at all. These are stories spread among girls. Do not waste your time. You will do it and achieve nothing.

Other girls ask if they throw themselves on the ground, it will lead to a miscarriage. That is cruel to yourself. You are injuring yourself and therefore the results may be damaging to both you and the unborn. This is not recommended.

do not use a hanger to terminate
Using a hanger to abort may kill you. Do not do it

Stametta which is a a bitter herb is another common drink girls take to terminate. It may or may not work. If it works the process is not controlled and you may end up bleeding badly. Do not use it as a method to end a pregnancy. It is very risky.

Some girls use hangers and other sharp instruments to pierce their inside. This may end up perforating the uterus. When this happens you may end up dead or without a uterus if lucky to live. Please avoid it. You are killing yourself when you do this.

Crude Methods A Waste of Time and Many Methods are Risky

There are a lot of other crude ways not mentioned above, that women use to terminate or try to terminate. If the crude way works, it may compromise your life. But many do not work at all. They are a waste of time. If you can not go for surgical abortion then try medical abortion with a pill. Having abortion with a pill is very cheap and can be afforded by almost all women.

Please use the abortion pill or surgical abortion and you will be safe.

steel used for abortion is very risky. do not use it
steel used for abortion is very risky. do not use it

Is it Easier to get Pregnant After Abortion?

Abortion does not affect your ability to fall pregnant. You will be able to fall pregnant and quite quickly.

Ability to fall pregnant as discussed above depends on whether you did a safe abortion or unsafe abortion. We have discussed safe and unsafe abortion above. If you do unsafe abortion you may get yourself in trouble.

Your age may also determine how quickly you fall pregnant again. Young girls are more fertile than older women. A young girl will easily fall pregnant again after abortion. In fact we have come across girls who do several abortions a year.

How soon After an Abortion can you get Pregnant?

Some people a month after abortion they are pregnant again. It all depends on you and the way you lead your life.

If you have unprotected sex and you are fertile you will quickly get pregnant again. 1 month is enough for you to get pregnant again. Just keep that in mind and protect yourself. That is if you do not want to fall pregnant again and soon. If you do want to get pregnant soon after an abortion it will happen.

I had an Abortion and now I can’t get Pregnant

Getting pregnant and abortion are not related at all. Abortion if done safely will not stop you from getting pregnant.

It is your fertility that will determine how quickly you get pregnant or otherwise. Abortion especially if done with a pill or surgically have nothing got to do with it.

If you had a safe abortion do not look at it as a basis of not falling pregnant. No. It is your fertility and how you are preparing yourself for pregnancy that are to blame.

Is it hard to get pregnant after Abortion | Difficulty falling pregnant after an Abortion

No. You can get pregnant as quickly as a month after abortion. As long as your fertile then pregnancy is possible and soon. One month after abortion is just enough for your eggs to get fertilized again.

Is it difficult to fall pregnant after an abortion? Not at all. It is all up to your fertility levels. If you are young and fertile you will fall pregnant again and quite soon. If you are getting old, your fertility of course reduces and therefore you may find it difficult to fall pregnant. But remember your ability to fall pregnant has nothing to do with abortion. No. Abortion done safely and fertility are not related. Abortion will not influence your ability to fall pregnant. It is your body and life style that do.

Can I get Pregnant 4 days after an Abortion?

The answer is no. It is too early. You have to go through the cycle again and get into your fertility period once again. When in the fertility period you can get pregnant again.

But there is one thing about having sex 4 days after an abortion. It is getting infections into the womb.

Abortion opens up your womb and you risk getting infections if you have sex. You should not put anything in your vagina for up to 2 weeks. This gives you ample time to heal properly.

Is it safe to fall Pregnant After an Abortion?

Yes, Absolutely. If it is your choice to fall pregnant after an abortion, then go for it. It is very safe. Abortion if done safely does not affect your health or ability to bear children. You can go ahead and get pregnant again. You will be perfectly health and the pregnancy will be OK as well.

Ability to get pregnant and abortion are not related at all. That is what you should always know.

Getting Pregnant again after an Abortion Risks

There are no risks. You can get pregnant soon after an abortion and you will be perfectly fine. In fact if you have unprotected sex after an abortion you will surely get pregnant and soon.

When can I fall Pregnant after an Abortion?

It is up to you. Abortion does not affect your ability to fall pregnant and does not affect your health if done in a safe way. So, you can fall pregnant any time you choose. It is all up to the choices you make.

Falling Pregnant after an Abortion

As discussed above you will realize that you can fall pregnant again and quickly after an abortion. Young girls are extremely fertile and many have as many as three abortions a year. This means that they fall pregnant very soon after having an abortion.

If you want to fall pregnant after an abortion you will. It is about your fertility and not the abortion. Abortion done safely does not in any way influence your ability to get pregnant in future.

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