What to expect after abortion – the do and don’ts.

What to expect after an abortion, the do and don’ts. Safe Abortion is often non eventful. But there are a few things you need to know.

But there are some things you need to know. The does and do not’s after abortion. Problems may or may not happen. Often nothing happens. But if there is a problem you have to be in the know.

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Majority of women are OK without any problem. But some problems do occur. Most problems are not life threatening. But, you should know if anything happens so that you know what to do.

How long does it take for your body to get back to normal after an abortion?

Each woman is different and the method of abortion used determines what happens after abortion.

Surgical abortion recovery is quicker. Within a few days you should be OK.

Abortion with a pill side effects like, chills, cramping and nausea may linger for a while. Some women also bleed albeit slowly for 2 weeks or more. This is all part of it. But during that period you will be up and running.

Is it normal to bleed one day after abortion? Yes. You can bleed for a couple of days after an abortion.

Major discomfort is very rear for both medical and surgical abortion.

Does your body go back to normal after abortion?

Yes it does. You will be normal quickly. But each woman is different. Some feel better quickly and others take a while.

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What are the symptoms of infection after abortion?

Infections are not common. But they can happen. It is critical to take a full dose of antibiotics as given to you by the doctor to prevent infection before it occurs.

High fever – this is a sign of an infection. You should go to a clinic or hospital near you. Say you had a miscarriage.

Back pain -Severe back pain is also a sign that you need medical attention.

Discomfort – If feel uncomfortable get checked out.

Very heavy bleeding. – Feeling very unwell.

Cramping for more than 5 days.

Unpleasant smelly discharge from the vagina

If any of those things happen to you, go to the nearest clinic to you and tell them you got a miscarriage and tell them what is happening. You will be helped often with antibiotics and any other help they deem fit.

Safe abortion complications are not life threatening and they are often dealt with quickly. One important thing is that seek medical attention immediately.

Can I take a bath after abortion?

Yes. Clean yourself. There is nothing wrong with taking a birth.

How long after abortion will pregnancy symptoms go away?

From a few days to a week. Each woman is different. But symptoms go away quite quickly. By two weeks pregnancy symptoms and hormones should have gone away completely.

After two weeks you can test for pregnancy and you will test negative.

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Do and Don’ts After Abortion

No sex for 2 weeks or so. Give the uterus time to recover. Infections are common for people who engage in sex after abortion.

Do not insert anything in the vagina like tampons. This may transfer infections into the vagina.

Avoid heavy work and exercising to allow you body to heal. Strenuous exercise can make you bleed heavier which could make you weak and anemic.

When ready for sex, practice safe sex. You can get pregnant soon after an abortion.

Antibiotics can be taken to prevent infection. This is not always necessary, but it is better to prevent an infection than to have to treat one after you get it.

What no to do after abortion
What no to do after abortion

How long does the abortion pill stay in your bloodstream?

12 Hours after taking the pill it should disappear from the blood stream. But there are no tests for the abortion pill. No, hospital goes out of the way to test whether you took an abortion pill or not.

So even if your your blood is tested after after taking the pill, the test will be about other things. It is never about the pill.

How long after abortion is pregnancy test positive?

2 weeks is enough for all the pregnancy hormones to disappear from the body. A test a few days after abortion will always be positive. Immediately after abortion you still have pregnancy hormones and wait for two weeks and test.

What are the signs and symptoms of incomplete abortion?

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What are the signs of successful abortion?

Early abortion is characterized by heavy bleeding and bleeding for a couple of days.

Passing clots is also a sign of a successful abortion.

Seeing a fetus.

Pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and others will dissipate.

How long does it take the uterus to shrink after an abortion?

This happens within days.

Contract the uterus back to its normal size. The uterus will usually do this on its own. However, this is very important, because it helps to expel any remaining tissue. It also helps stop bleeding and closes the cervix to prevent germs from getting up into the uterus.

One of the best ways to help the uterus contract is direct uterine massage. Make sure the uterus is small as a plum and hard. If not, have a pelvic examination one week after the abortion to make sure it was complete; possibly you will have to do the abortion again.

Your next normal period may come in 3 to 8 weeks, or even 10 weeks. If it has not come by that time, see a doctor, nurse or midwife. Tell them you think you miscarried (around the time of your abortion)

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Check your temperature to see if you have a fever. If it is high then it can mean an infection. Go to hospital immediately.

It is OK to bleed up to 3 weeks after an abortion. Some women bleed very little. Bleeding can start and stop and this is OK as long as it is not extremely heavy bleeding. But if you feel worried go to hospital and tell them you miscarried.

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