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Abortion in South Africa is legal without questions between 1 week and 12 weeks (12th week included). After 12 weeks by law you are supposed to have reasons why you want an abortion.

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There are many women who procrastinate (delay to make a decision) about termination of pregnancy and what happens is that time decides for them.

They end up having the baby they do not want. Those are the abandoned babies you hear about, thrown in dustbins and all kinds of places.

Dr Rene, I am grateful for your assistance. Despite me being far from you, you were able to give me a very good service.

I received the termination medicine, used it as per your instructions and terminated successfully.

I wish I knew about you earlier. I am very grateful. No words can express how I feel.



Western Cape

Termination of Pregnancy Guidelines South Africa

If pregnant and you are 12 weeks or below you can have an abortion without questions. 13 weeks to 20 weeks you need to have a reason to terminate. 21 weeks plus abortion is illegal unless if the life of the mother is threatened. No permission is needed from any one to have an abortion if the guidelines above are met.

Those are the simple guidelines of abortion in South Africa in nutshell.

When is it Safe to have Abortion in South Africa

Abortion in South Africa is generally safe because abortion medicine is easily accessible. You can also do surgical abortion if you can afford. The commonest abortion method in South Africa is with a pill. A pill can be dispensed quickly and in an office.

But, abortion is done within South African law, which stipulates that you can terminate without any questions between 1 and 12 weeks. From 13 to 20 weeks you must have a reason to terminate. After 20 weeks abortion becomes illegal and only legal if the unborn is affecting the health of the mother.

If pregnant make a quick decision. Time is not on your side.

How late can you have an Abortion in South Africa?

20 weeks is the cut off for abortion in South Africa. After 20 weeks abortion becomes illegal and you can be prosecuted if caught terminating a pregnancy. But, public establishment (government hospitals and clinics) will only help you if you are 12 weeks and below. Public hospitals do not help after 12 weeks. If you want to get help at a government establishments decide quickly and go there.

If you are pregnant do not procrastinate. Make a quick decision and get help as soon as possible. If you delay tme willl decide for you.

Cost of Safe Abortion in South Africa

There is no stipulated cost for abortion in South Africa. The truth is that abortion cost rages from free in a government hospital to any price depending on where you are getting the abortion and the town in which you are in. Many factors will determine the price you pay. South Africa has anti collusion laws. Businesses are not allowed to have a similar price. A price is determined by who helps you.

Cost of Safe Abortion in South Africa

Safe abortion in South Africa can be done in in a government hospital and if you are lucky enough to get help there it will be free. You can also get it at a private clinic or private hospital and the clinic or hospital will determine the price they charge you.

The type of abortion you get will also determine the price you pay. There two types of abortion, medical with a pill ( most common) and surgical. It is therefore impossible to tell you exactly how much it is.

With Pregnancy Termination, Time is Never on Your Side! Need Help? Call or WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310 – Now

Safe Abortion Pills in South Africa

abortion Pills are accessible in South Africa. There is Misoprostol and Mifipristone. Misoprostol can be used on it’s own but if you get Mifepristone then you have to get Misoprostol tool.

A combination of both pills increases success rate but both pills used together is more expensive than if you use Misoprostol only.

The price of abortion pills ranges from from free at a government hospital to several hundreds at a private hospital. Goverment hospitals though free, it is difficult to get them because pregnancy is not a disease. Pregnant women looking for abortion are not a priority at government clinics and hospitals.

Abortion is Time Sensitive

Abortion is a time sensitive issue. As you delay what is in you keeps on growing, and at some point you will not get help. You will have to get the baby and deal with all the problems you were avoiding.

Decide as Quickly as Possible

As soon as you know you are pregnant decide immediately one way or the other. Are you keeping the baby or you are going to abort. You need to make a quick decision. Do not sit on the fence dreaming. That is wrong.

We receive many women who appear in the 6th, 7th and 8th months wanting to terminate. Unfortunately at that stage it is impossible. Abortion removes the baby but does not kill it. So, from 6th to 9th months you are very late.

If you are sexually active you can get pregnant. That is a fact. Keep testing so that you do not say you did not know! Sex leads to pregnancy. That is what it is.

I was able to get an abortion after trying 3 times with other people and losing money. Thank you Dr Rene for helping me through this very frightening time.

Dobsonville – Soweto

Abortion in South Africa is Very Safe

Abortion in South Africa is very safe to terminate an early pregnancy. The safest way to do it is using a pill or surgically. If you do not have enough money go for the pill. If you can afford it go the surgical route. You will achieve the same results.

Both methods are safe and will lead to the desired results.

It worked. I was filed with fear, but you made me feel OK. It looked so simple when you explained everything to me.

I always thought termination is that complicated, dangerous thing. You explained to me that it is very easy if done early and it is very safe.

I am happy, am free again. I have learnt my lesson. It is time to be serious with my studies.

If you are pregnant contact Dr Rene today. You will not regret it.



Consent for Termination of Pregnancy in South Africa

In South Africa it is the woman that decides whether to keep a pregnancy or terminate. No consent is necessary from parents, partners, husband, gurdian or any one for that matter.

If pregnant as woman and you do not want to go through with the pregnancy you are free to end it as long as it is 12 weeks and below. That is the law.

Legal Age for Abortion Without Parental Consent in South Africa

The law says if you are pregnant you can have an abortion without seeking permission from anyone. This means that you do not need to tell your parents about your abortion.

If you choose you can involve your parents but they are not supposed to say no to your choice.

If pregnant and at any age just go ahead and have an abortion if you want to. Your parents have no role in your decision as it is you who is pregnant and not them.

Can my boyfriend or parent force me to have an abortion in South Africa?

No. Abortion is a decision of the pregnant person and in this situation it is the woman or girl. No one is supposed to decide for you. You decide for yourself. For that reason South African law does not allow any person to make a decision for you whichever direction you want to take. It is all in your hands.

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