Social Issues After Abortion

Social Inflictions After An Abortion

You will have emotions after an abortion. These will range from sadness to happiness depending on the reasons why you had the abortion. Each one of us women is unique. Many women feel that they have made the right decision after having an abortion. For some women, however, abortion can raise negative emotional responses including grief, guilt, anger, shame and regret. Understanding your emotions can help you begin to let go of any pain and start to heal. It is important to recognize your feelings and to take good care of yourself if you are experiencing difficulty. The following information may be helpful if you are experiencing emotional distress after an abortion.

What causes distress after an abortion:

Hormonal changes get back to the normal you without pregnancy. This often leads to sadness and emotions.

Being pressured by family, husband or boyfriend will lead to very negative feelings after an abortion.

Lack of support from people around you will lead to depression. Try to surround yourself with people who will understand your situation.

The social stigma around abortion leads to feeling of ostrocization, it leads to feeling of isolation.

Some of us feel judged

There is fear that you may never deliver again. Abortion has no effect on having children in the future.


It is ok to make choices with your life. It will be alright quite soon.

Is it normal to feel depressed after an abortion?

Should you feel that you can take the guilt associated with abortion of regret, anxiety, guilt and depression please get help froma counsellor.

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