2 Safe and Effective Abortion Pills for Sale in Pretoria East

2 safe and effective Abortion Pills For Sale Pretoria East are Misoprostol and Mifepristone.

These two pills often work together. If you get Mifepristone you have to get Misoprostol as well. But, Misoprostol can work effectively on its own, without Mifepristone.

Are you in need of safe and effective abortion pills? You are at the right page. Let us help you get the right abortion pills, the right dose and at a reasonable price.

It is important to get the abortion pills from a sensible place or person. Getting abortion pills willy-nilly, you risk getting the wrong pills and you will be out of pocket.

We save you from this scenario.

Abortion pills are generally cheap, but avoid the cheapest pills you come across. It is not always price that matters, it is important to get the right pills and the right dose.

Try as much as possible to get the right pills. Remember the old saying – Buy cheap, Pay Twice.

The wrong pills will not affect your health, no. You will just not get the intended aim. That is where the problem is. So avoid base cheap pills, the sellers are not stupid. They want to snare you.

Abortion Pills are not that expensive to warrant one to go to the base. They are actually affordable.

Types of Abortion Pills out there

Cytotec | Misoprostol Abortion Pills

The most common type of abortion pill out there is Cytotec (Misoprostol). Cytotec is an abortion pill that can be used on its own. It is quite effective as long as you follow the usage instructions.

Cytotec Usage Instructions

Cytotec pills are taken sublingual – that is under the tongue and allowed to dissolve there. As the pills dissolves under the tongue the medication will enter your body system through the small vessels found there.

Sublingual - taking of abortion pills
Sublingual – taking of abortion pills

This method of taking cytotec under the tongue is very effective. All the medication easily enters you blood system without loss and quickly performs the intended task.

The alternative option is to put the abortion pills deep inside your vagina. The pill are inserted inside the vagina and pushed deep using your longest finger. This works as well. The vagina does have small vessels as well, through which the medicine is absorbed.

There is a slight problem with this method of using abortion pills inserted in the vagina. Many women have dry vaginas. This makes dissolving the pills in the vagina difficult. Many woman lose the pills when they go to pee. And unfortunately many women do not realize that they have lost the pills. What happens is that the procedure ends up flopping. The pill is blamed for being ineffective.

It is not that the medication failed to work. The medication simply fell out and you did not notice. But if it dissolves properly in the vagina, it would work effectively.

If I were to choose between inserting the medication in the vagina vs under the tongue, I would choose the later. Putting medicine under the tongue is fool proof.


This is second abortion pill out there. This pill is difficult to get and if you find it, it is expensive. But if you are able to get it, it is very effective if used in combination with cytotec.

Mifepristone can not be used alone. It is used in combination with cytotec. When Mifepristone is used in combination with cytotec the success rate of abortion pills increases.

Usage Instructions of Mifepristone

Mifepristone is taken a day or two before taking cytotec. It is taken like normal pills. This abortion medicine will cut off nutrients to the fetus and makes the pregnancy nonviable. This means that the pregnancy can not continue.

Mifepristone does not empty the uterus though. That is why you have to use cytotec to empty the uterus one to two days after taking mifepristone.

Those two abortion pills (cytotec and mifepristone) are the most common on the South African market and more so they are the ones you will get in Pretoria East.

How Effective are Abortion Pills?

Abortion pills are very effective especially when taken in combination. If you take mifepristone plus cytotec there is almost 99% success rate in most women.

Cytotec can be used in its own and it works quite well. But, mifepristone can not be used on its own. You have to use it with cytotec.

In a few rear situations abortion pills fail and women have to repeat the process. It often works the second time around. When one interviews the women who had a failed abortion, it usually due miss use, you will find that they did not follow usage instructions to the letter. If you follow the instructions to the dot, the abortion pills will work for you like a charm.

Abortion pills are very effective.

Are Abortion Pills Safe?

Abortion Pills are recommended by the World Health Organization as one of the two methods of ending a pregnancy.

The other option is surgical abortion. The difference between the two is that abortion pills can be taken in the comfort of your home and all will be well. Surgical abortion happens in a clinic only and directly performed by a doctor or a trained nurse.

The pills leave your fertility intact. You will be able to fall pregnant soon again.

In some rear situations cause over bleeding. This is called hemorrhage (over bleeding). When this happens get immediate medical attention. All you have to say is that you are having a miscarriage. You will be attended to and you will soon be over it.

Over bleeding happens in an extremely small number of women. But easy to correct if you get immediate medical attention.

The other possible but very rear issue is infection. You can have an infection especially when you have sex or insert tampons in the vagina after abortion with pills.

Do not put anything in the vagina for two weeks or so. It is recommended to get antibiotics after abortion with a pill. The antibiotics are taken upfront and they will protect you from possible infections.

Abortion with pills is extremely safe. The few things mentioned above happen but very rarely. And they happen simply because you do not look after yourself after abortion with a pill. Otherwise you should be very fine and soon.

When will I get my Menstrual Cycle after Abortion with Pill.

You should get your menstrual cycle normally on your due date. Abortion with a pill should not affect your menstrual cycle. All this ordinarily remains normal.

How do I know the Abortion Pill worked?

If you are early you will see yourself bleeding. The bleeding may last from 2 days to 2 weeks or more. Some women bleed for say 2 weeks plus. It is perfectly normal. But this stops at some time. The bleeding during this time is a trickle and not worrying.

If you terminate late into your pregnancy you are going to see a fetus. This is not good scene. That is why it is important to make up your mind quickly and terminate early.

Both those two occurrences are a sign that you terminated successfully. That is, bleeding for a couple of days plus and also seeing a fetus if you terminate late.

If in doubt wait for two weeks after taking abortion pills and test for pregnancy. Should you test immediately after abortion with pills, you will test positive.

The reason is that pregnancy test kits, test for pregnancy hormones in your urine or blood. Immediately after abortion the hormones are still in your system and a lot. So you will test positive. So, test after two weeks, the hormones should have subsided. If you are negative then the abortion was a success. The opposite is also true.

How do I get the Abortion Pills?

The abortion pills will be delivered to your door wherever you are in Pretoria East. All you have to do is to Call or WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310 and we shall deliver.

The pricing and all other information will be discussed during the the Call or WhatsApp. We need to get you the right dose depending on the pregnancy duration. That is why we are not giving you a definite price hear. It is affordable though.

In Europe abortion pills are delivered by robots

2 Safe Abortion Pills For Sale Pretoria East

If you are pregnant and in Pretoria East we shall assist by not only giving you the right pills but you will also get the right dose. This is the right page where you will get the right help.

The pills are safe and effective. After taking the abortion pills you will be quickly back on your feet and all will be well.

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