What are the Different Abortion Services Available in South Africa?

Abortion is legal in South Africa since February 1997. You can have your pregnancy terminated without questions. The service provider does not need to know you. Abortion services in South Africa are limited to what is allowed by the World Health Organization – Medical Abortion and Surgical Abortion.

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Limits of Abortion in South Africa

Termination of Pregnancy in South Africa is not open ended. There are laws that govern when and what happens.

You can have abortion between 1 week to 12 weeks (3 months) without reason. Your task is simply to get to your professional service provider and ask for an abortion. You should get it without questions. It is your decision and that is where it stops.

From 13 weeks to 20 weeks abortion still possible but with motivation. The service provider by law is supposed to ask you to motivate why you want to terminate the pregnancy. He reserves the right to say NO. That is what the law says.

Because of this law most government clinics and hospitals do not help any one who is in good health after 12 weeks. Government providers follow the law to the dot and they will not help you after 12 weeks. Your best option is to go private.

20 weeks and beyond abortion becomes illegal. You can only get an abortion if your health is at risk or the unborn is not viable.

Graphic representation of the abortion law in South Africa – Adopted from Mail and Guardian

That is the South African termination law.

The Types of Termination of Pregnancy Services available in South Africa

South Africa is like all other countries around the world. The type of abortion that can be performed guided by what is widely acceptable health practices.

Globally there two ways in which abortion can be performed.

  1. Medical Abortion – That is abortion with a pill. This is often given to women between one week to 16 weeks maximum. The pill can work at even a later stage but as your pregnancy progresses what is in you grows and the more you wait the higher the chance that you will see a fetus. When you are early you see blood and clots. That is why you have to terminate early.
  2. Surgical Abortion – Surgical abortion involves a minor operation. There are two types of surgical abortion: We have Vacuum aspiration. It involves sucking the pregnancy tissue from womb gently. It is for early pregnancy up to 14 weeks. You are given local anesthesia.
Vacuum Aspiration Done between 1 week to 14 weeks
vacuum aspiration – pregnancy tissue being gently sucked out done up to 14 weeks

Dilatation and Evacuation – between 15 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. It carried out under general anesthesia. The pregnancy is removed using a narrow forceps through the cervix (the opening into the womb). The cervix is relaxed before the process a day before the surgery.

Dilation - Evacuation method done in South Africa
Dilation and Evacuation surgical abortion method

Free Abortion Clinics in South Africa

All government clinics offer free abortion. Produce you ID and they will walk you through the process.

Government clinics have one problem – that is the volume of people seeking help. If you do not get help just know that it is an issue of the number of people that need help. South African government hospitals are over whelmed with sick people.

Pay attention to one thing, if you get your appointment for abortion in government hospital postponed twice know that you will not get help there. The moment you are 12 weeks no government hospital or clinic will touch you for abortion.

Keep those facts in mind and you should be OK.

Best Abortion Clinics in South Africa

This is difficult but there are so many clinics. Abortion is not a complicated thing. You can do it with a pill or surgically. Both procedures are not complicated.

Looking for the best abortion clinic will simply complicate issues for you.

Late Abortion Clinics in South Africa

South Africa has a law governing abortion. Abortion is legal up to 20 weeks. Between 1 week to 12 weeks is without you do not need to have a reason to terminate. 12 weeks to 20 weeks you will be questioned and in government hospitals you will not get help. After 20 weeks you will be very lucky to get help if your life is not in danger.

So, there is no late abortion clinics in South Africa that will help you legally. The moment you hit 20 weeks you will struggle to get help.

Abortion is a time sensitive thing. It is not open ended.

Abortion Clinics Prices in South Africa

Abortion ranges from free in government hospitals to a few hundreds for medical abortion for medical abortion. Surgical abortion is steep. It is expensive because doctors, nurses, a lot of medication is involved. You have to pay for all this.

Private Abortion Clinics in South Africa

There several abortion clinics in South Africa. In fact most doctors can do abortion. Simply Google per location and you will be able to get help. You can also get our our number or email and contact us (+27 61 067 8310 or help@womens-choice.co.za). It is available on this page. We shall be able to point you in the right place depending on what you are looking for.

Abortion Pill Clinics in South Africa

Abortion can also be done with a pill safely. Pills are used in the comfort of your home and they will do a controlled termination.

You can get it from government clinics and also from private clinics. If you need help to terminate with a pill you can get hold of us and we shall assist you.

There are no distinct abortion clinics dedicated to pills. But you can easily get abortion pills from clinics.

Do not expect to get abortion pills from pharmacies though. They will not help you. The law does not allow them to dispense abortion pills. So, do embarrass yourself by walking into a pharmacy and asking for abortion pills. You will not be helped.

What are the Different Abortion Services Available in South Africa?

South Africa has got it all. You will get abortion with a pill. There is all kinds of surgical abortion too.

But abortion in South Africa is not open ended. You can do it to 3 months without questions. After 3 months you may need to explain yourself. After 5 months you can only get abortion if the baby is not viable or if your health is at risk.

Abortion is a time sensitive issue. You should make a quick decision if you want to end your pregnancy and act accordingly. When you delay you will find yourself in a lot trouble. Do not procrastinate.

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