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Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic aims to provide women in South Africa who need termination of pregnancy, educated information on abortion so that they may make an informed decision.

In this website we have created an Abortion Resource Center for women in South Africa with unwanted pregnancies and considering abortion. Through this website South Africa women are able to educate themselves about abortion, so that they know what to do during this difficult time.

You will know what abortion is, methods of termination, risks of abortion, morning after pill and many others things like testing for pregnancy.

After Learning About Abortion – Decision Time

We also show you abortion options and abortion clinic choices, from expensive clinics, to cheap clinics like Women’s Choice to Free Abortion at Government Hospitals and Health Centres.

You will find it all here. So, you able to make an educated decision depending on good well researched information about Abortion in South Africa.

Why Choose – Women’s Choice Abortion Clinics in South Africa?

Women’s Choice has a foot print in several towns and townships in and around South Africa. Some of the Clinics we run them directly and others are affiliated to us.

Women’s Choice is purely a Termination of Pregnancy Clinic.

Our services are focused on women who do not want to queue for a free government abortion but are also not rich.

It is a service for normal women. The common working woman. A woman who wants a safe no frills termination of pregnancy.

You come to use. We do the examination then help you terminate the unwanted pregnancy. We shall NOT take you through any up selling activities in order to draw more fees from you. No, that is not us.

We are cheap but very professional and safe.

Our service is private and confidential.

Women’s Choice is a Government Certified Abortion Clinic – 15 years in service.

Our service is a same day procedure.

The staff in our clinics are very caring and compassionate.

Our Founding Doctor

We were founded by Dr Rene Musa.

Dr Rene Musa – MBChB – I am a professional doctor specializing in termination of pregnancy. I specialized in women reproductive health to ensure that women have a chance to terminate safely. Having children should be a choice and not an accident. If you are not ready you should not have babies. Women, regardless of age should be free to choose when they want to become parents. I have over 15 years of safe termination of pregnancy experience. Do you need help?

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