Marie Stopes Abortion Pill

A Marie Stopes Abortion Pill does not exist. Marie Stopes is an international family planning clinic that offers female reproductive services globally. One service that Marie Stopes offers is Abortion in countries where it is legal. Marie Stopes uses pills that all other abortion providers use too. The most common abortion pills that Marie Stopes use are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, just like all other clinics and hospitals.

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Marie Stopes is not a pharmaceutical company. They do not make abortion pills. They use the same abortion pills that other clinics and hospitals use.

Marie Stopes use Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Methotrexate, Mifegymiso, Misoclear and many other abortion medicines.

So there is no Marie Stopes abortion pill. But since they are one of the major performers of abortion on the globe with Planned Parenthood that is why there is a misconception that there is a special pill by them. There is none.

The Abortion pills are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies like aspen and supply pharmacies and major clinics like Marie Stopes. All abortion clinics use the same medicine mentioned above.


Marie Stopes Abortion Pill South Africa |
Marie Stopes Medical Abortion Pill

AS already dicussed on top, Marie Stopes in South Africa has the same pills other abortion clinics have.

There is nothing special about them. They are just the biggest organisation in the termination industry.

They have the same pills such as Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Methotrexate, and Mifegymiso. It is the same same story. You will not find a pill there called Marie Stopes Abortion Pill. It does not exist. They are service providers and not manufacturers.

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Does Marie Stopes Sell Abortion Pills?

Selling pills is a crude of putting it. If you go to Marie Stopes they will follow your instructions. They will offer you surgical abortion if that what want. If you want Medical Abortion that is what they will give you. Medical Abortion involves termination with a pill.

But selling pills like a market will not happen. They handle things in a professional way. You will not go in and ask for abortion pills pay and come out. No. They follow their laid out termination procedures.

They will do the checks and all that. And you will pay for all the their procedures. At the end you will receive the pills.

Marie Stopes Abortion Pill Price

The pills are the same as already alluded to you. But since Marie Stopes operates in expensive locations and use a lot of stuff you are going to pay a big price to get the pills from. They will check you and give you the pill.

Abortion is what they do. They will assist you. But prepare to pay hidden costs. You have to pay for all their overheads. It is the name of the beast. They have overheads and those overheads have to be paid.

Marie Stopes Abortion Pill Procedure

Marie Stopes does what all other clinics do. They will check you like all other doctors.

You will be given mifepristone. After taking mifepristone you will be required to return a day or two after to collect misoprostol. You take the misoprostol at home and it will empty the contents of the uterus.

You will go back to check whether the abortion was complete.

This is not unique to Marie Stopes. It is the procedure laid out for abortion. It is not unique to them.

Marie Stopes follows laid out procedure that all clinics follow.

In Europe Abortion Pills are delivered by robots in countries where abortion is illegal

Abortion Pill side effects Marie Stopes

Pills on the whole are very safe. They do not have serious side effects to the majority of women.

When you take the pills these are some of the short time side effects:

Nausea, Vomiting, Chills, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Cramping

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All these go away quite quickly. In rear circumstances there is high fever, back pain, hemorrhage (over bleeding). These problems are easily corrected if you get immediate medical attention. These problems occur in extremely few women.

Long side effects such as failing to get pregnant again – No. Abortion and fertility are not connected. Abortion leaves your fertility intact.

Marie Stopes Abortion Pill

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Marie Stopes does not have special pills. They are an abortion service provider and offer the same abortion pills you will find in all clinics and hospitals.

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