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Is Abortion safe or unsafe?

Abortion if done properly is extremely safe. It is safer than giving birth at full term. Safe abortion involves abortion with a pill or surgical abortion.

Unsafe abortion involves physically harming yourself, using sharp objects, and taking herbal concoctions.

How can Safe Abortion Be Done

Safe abortion can be done with abortion pills or with surgically.

Surgically involves the doctor inserting medical instruments through your vagina to the womb and sucking out the pregnancy tissue if you are early or removing the fetus if you are late.

The doctor physically intervenes when doing surgical abortion. Because of this, the process is very expensive and difficult to get in many communities.

Doctors are few and very busy in many areas. This is one of the reasons surgical abortion is very expensive.

Safe Abortion – Medical abortion / Abortion with a Pill

Medical abortion on the other hand is when abortion pills are given to a pregnant woman. These pills are taken in the comfort of your home. The pills trigger a miscarriage. It is very safe and women usually terminate without any problem.

There are very many types of pills that do abortion. They include mifegymiso, mifepristone, misoprostol, methotrexate and many others.

If you get the medication with the usage instructions you will be OK. Termination medication has strict usage instructions. You have to know how to use the medication to get the right results.

Your service provider will give you the proper usage instructions.

Unsafe Abortion Practices

Anything that does follow medical or surgical abortion practices mentioned above is unsafe.

Some girls take panadol with liters of fizzy drinks. It does not work. It only makes you sick.

Other concoctions are herbal. Girls are known to go to the forests collect all kinds of herbs and drink them. You are poisoning both you and the pregnancy. The end result may be disaster for both.

Sharp objects are also used to pierce the womb. When you do this you are killing yourself. Do NOT do it.

There are many other things that women do depending on where they are. They are all wrong. You may succeed in terminating the pregnancy in some of those wrong ways but you will also be injured.

If you want the CORRECT and SAFE ABORTION METHODS – Do medical or surgical abortions as mentioned above. Period.

Can Abortion Cause Infertility

No, abortion does not cause infertility if done with abortion pills or surgically. Abortion is very safe if done properly. The only safe ways to end a pregnancy is either medical with a pill or surgical. This was discussed in earlier paragraphs.

But, abortion becomes dangerous if you use herbs, sharp things, and all kinds of things you hear from friends. When you get abortion tricks from friends you will become infertile or die.

The only people who know about abortion are not your friends but the health professionals.

Can Safe Abortion Cause Infertility?

No safe abortion is steeped in science. Safe abortion is called is safe because it has been tested and found to be safe. It is not guess work. Safe abortion has no relationship with a woman fertility.

Many women that do safe abortion often fall pregnant again quite quickly if they do not practice safe sex.

When you do medical or surgical abortion you are doing something that has been tested and found to be safe. After tests it is recommended as a safe way to end a pregnancy.

So, safe abortion is called safe because you remain health after performing it. Safe abortion is abortion with a pill or surgical abortion.

Anything other than those two methods is potentially unsafe and can lead to infertility or death.

Do only safe abortion and your fertility will remain intact.

Which Month is Safe for Abortion/ When is Safe Abortion Done

Abortion can be done any time from 1 week to actually 7 months. It will be safe.

But there are laws that govern abortion. After 5 months to 9 months you will be dealing with a complete unborn baby with full body parts. That is why termination is not allowed after 5 months.

If you want to terminate do it between 1 week and 4 months (16 weeks). At that stage you will utmost see blood and clots. That is it.

The earlier you decide to terminate and actually do it the better. You will not see much and you will also be within the law. Best time is from 1 week to 4 months (16 weeks).

When is Medical Abortion Safe

Medical abortion is abortion with a pill. Medical abortion is safe from 1 week to 16 weeks. It will work perfectly.

But the pill can be used at any stage of pregnancy and it will lead to a miscarriage. There is only one problem, you will see what you do not want to see if you wait beyond 5 months.

If you want to terminate with a pill do it as soon as it crosses your mind. Sitting on your decision will make you go against the law and you see thing you do no want to see.

Safe Abortion Age

If you are a woman and you are pregnant you can have an abortion safely. Abortion has nothing to do with years. Young or old you can terminate.

If you are young and you are pregnant and do not want to go through the pregnancy you can be helped. Otherwise you become a mother.

An old woman can also terminate if you wish. Termination is age neutral.

Where can I do Abortion \ Where can I do Abortion in South Africa

There several clinics where you can do abortion in South Africa. Most towns have places that can be of help.

If you are early you can also consider get the abortion pill. It is extremely safe and you can use it in the comfort of your home.

A pill is safe. It is similar to having your a miscarriage. A miscarriage does not warn you. But it does not kill any woman. Thousands of women go through miscarriages every month and come through it healthy. A pill does exactly that.

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