4 Abortion Herbs in South Africa

Abortion Herbs in South Africa are not recommended to terminate a pregnancy. Do not even try to terminate your pregnancy using herbs. Herbs are not effective in ending a pregnancy and some are out right dangerous.

If you use herbs two things may happen:

  1. You will not succeed. Abortion herbs are not scientifically designed to end pregnancies. It is a waste of your time and some times a waste of your money. You may end up getting the baby at the end of the day. Most girls who delay get abortion is because they started with herbs and other unprofessional things to abort. They failed.
  2. There are some herbal concoctions that may end up injuring you. You may end up bleeding uncontrollably and you will need hospitalization, if you can get to hospital early. If you are far from the hospital you may end up dying. Be careful. Some unlucky girls puncture their wombs with these herbs. If they survive after this they can no longer get children in future. Avoid herbs!

Why do Women turn to Herbs to End a Pregnancy in South Africa?

The main reason why women turn to herbs to abort is because they do not have enough information about safe termination of pregnancy. Second reason is the stigma associated with unplanned pregnancy. Many girls hide their pregnancies and secretly try to end it often unsafely with herbs.

Most women do not know that there is free abortion in public hospitals and if you are not helped in a hospitals you can also terminate cheaply using abortion pills.

So because of lack of this information they end up getting information from friends and traditional healers from their societies. What they receive are dangerous herbal concoctions that are either unsafe or useless.

The herbal abortions remedies will not work if you are lucky. If you are unlucky you will bleed uncontrollably and die. Pleas avoid herbal abortion portions.

Traditional Abortion Medicine (Herbs) in South Africa | African Herbs for Abortion

Umganu Bark

The Umganu bark is got from the Marula tree. This tree is common in Limpopo, Kwa Zulu Natal and Swaziland.

Preparation of the Umganu Herb for Abortion

– It is boiled in 1 litre of water for 5 minutes. The water is allowed to cool and then filtered. After filtering the herb it is then taken through the anus to induce abortion.

Umganu Bark  used for abortion

Umganu Bark used for abortion

Umganu Herb For Abortion Does Not Work

This herbal medicine is not scientifically tested. It may lead to complications in your rectum. Most body parts are interrelated but the rectum is not a reproductive part of your body. So taking this herb through your anus to induce a termination is very weird and unsafe.

More often than not it is not going to work. You are subjecting your body to trauma for no good reason.

Umkhuhlu Bark, root and leaves for Abortion

This herb is made from a Umkhuhlu tree. The tree has several names.The names include – Natal mahogany; rooiessenhout (Afr.); mamba (Northern Sotho); umathunzini (isiZulu); umkuhlu (SiSwati); umkhuhlu (isiXhosa); nkulu (Xitsonga); and mutuhu (TshiVenda).

This tree is common in many parts of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

How Umkhuhlu Herb for Abortion is Created

A handful of pounded Umkhuhlu bark and chopped root is added into 1 L of (500 mL milk and 500 mL Coca Cola soft drink) and boil for 15 min. The mixture is strained and the liquid part is administered orally once to induce abortion at a first trimester of pregnancy.

Umkhuhlu Bark, root and leaves used for abortion

Umkhuhlu Bark, root and leaves for abortion

This same herbal concoction is also used in the treatment of infertility in women. Now, one wonders how the same treatment can be to make a woman fertile and also induce abortion. These two solutions are opposite of each other. This tells you that herbs are often not scientific solutions. You can not help with fertility and also induce abortion. It is complete madness. But, that is what the herbalists say. One type of herb cures everything, you will hear them saying so all the time.

Chances are very high that it does not work either way.

Umkhuhlu Tree, fruits and leaves


Stametta is a very bitter herb that is available in shops throughout South Africa. This liquid apparently cleanses the body. But, it is also the most common herb girls use for abortion.

Abortion Herbs in South Africa
Abortion Herbs in South Africa

This herb is extremely bitter that it often leads to diarrhea. A human body is not designed to accept extremely bitter products. The body rejects bitter things.

In some pregnant women Stametta induces heavy cramping due to the bitterness. This leads to a miscarriage followed by heavy uncontrolled bleeding. But in the majority of pregnant women it does not work. Many women remain pregnant after taking stametta.

You should avoid Stametta as a pregnant women at all costs.

Traditional Muti for Abortion | Traditional Abortion Medicine (Herbs for Abortion in South Africa)

There is no Traditional Muti for Abortion. Muti can be useful for other things but not to end a pregnancy. If Muti works to end a pregnancy it will be an accident and that accident may kill you or leave you infertile. Be very careful.

There are a lot of different Muti types you are going to hear your friends talking potions to for abortion. Let me disappoint you the majority of those things do not work. You are going to take liters and liters of this Muti but you will still end up pregnant. That is the fact.

If you want to end a pregnancy you have one simple solution and that is to use abortion pills. That is the only tested and effective way you will be able to end a unwanted pregnancy. Anything else will just endanger your life. Do not entertain it. Do not listen to any one.

There is NO Muti for abortion. Do not try it, if you still love your body and fertility. Get abortion pills, which are often cheap to terminate.

Garlic for Abortion

Garlic is a herb that is used to spice food. It is believed to have very many curative and health properties. Garlic is believed to support the immune system. People also use Garlic to thin their blood and therefore help with cardiovascular problems.

Garlic is often added to food in small amounts. When you take garlic on its own, it is a bit nasty. Row garlic taken on its own often leads to you throwing up or having a burning stomach or throat. It is very uncomfortable when taken row and on its own. The result of this discomfort is either throwing up or diarrhea.

These side effects of garlic often happen if you are taking large amounts of this herb row. Because of these side effects that accrue from taking large amounts of garlic, it makes pregnant women think that it also leads to abortion. It does not. When you take a lot of garlic you will only succeed in traumatizing yourself.

Garlic is not used for Abortion - herbs for abortion in South Africa
Garlic is not for abortion

The food that reaches the fetus is what your body has processed. That is why garlic can not lead to an abortion.

Save yourself all this trauma and get an abortion pill.

Avoid Herbs to End Pregnancies

Herbs do not go through any scientific study to test their efficacy. More often than not herbal treatment is based on try and error. If you are lucky it works and if unlucky it fails. A person who is pregnant and wants to terminate should not depend on luck. If you take something to help you, you should know that you are going to get the results you want. Herbal treatments do not guarantee this.

Herbs will either fail to work or endanger your body. You may remain pregnant if lucky. Your may terminate and get very sick or infertile. At worst some herbs may end up killing you. Do not use herbs as a method of pregnancy termination. It is wrong.

What Are the Safe Options to End a Pregnancy in South Africa?

You can use abortion pills to end a pregnancy in South Africa. Abortion pills are scientifically tested and trigger an abortion similar to what happens to a woman in a normal safe miscarriage.

When you use abortion pills you know that there is a very high chance of success and safely.

Abortion pills are easily obtainable and affordably. So, there is no reason whatsoever to endanger your life with abortion herbs.

Cytotec Abortion Pill
Cytotec Abortion Pill

You can do surgical abortion. This is only available in clinics and in hospitals. It is also expensive for the majority of women. If you can not afford it, then abortion pills will help you safely.

But do not do abortion herbs at all. You should not get advice from your friends. Your friends are not pregnant it is you who is. The safest and cheapest way to end a pregnancy is through usage of abortion pills. You will easily get abortion pills.

There is a possibility of getting help from your public hospital or clinic. The unfortunate thing about public hospitals is that they are extremely busy. If you can not get help in a public health facility, we shall help you.

Abortion is legal in South Africa and therefore there is no reason to fear to seek help. There is help all over the place. One thing you should not do is to take herbs and also ask your friends for advice. More often than not your friends are clueless.

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