Is the Abortion Pill cheaper than Surgical?

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Is the abortion pill cheaper than surgical? Yes. The prices are not even comparable.

Abortion pills are far cheaper than surgical abortion. The price of one surgical abortion can serve 4 women or so with pills. These 4 women will terminate successfully.

Why Abortion Pills are Cheaper than Surgical

Abortion pills are cheaper because they are produced in very huge quantities. Mass production.

Many companies produce abortions pills locally. There is local factory producing abortion pills in almost every country.

Abortion pills do not only terminate pregnancies. They are used for other ailments as well. For example abortion pills are use to treat ulcers. Some cancers are treated with a certain type of abortion pills. Therefore they are readily available.

Abortion Pills

It is quite easy to get the right abortion pills.

Abortion pills can be dispensed by a nurse and can be used in the comfort of the woman’s home. There is no need for hospitalization. This makes it cheap to use abortion pills.

Dispensing abortion pills is very quick. It takes a few minutes to give abortion pills with instructions and the woman will be able to use the pills successfully. The time issue makes them cheap.

Why Surgical Abortion is Expensive

The doctor does surgical abortion in a surgery or hospital. That makes it expensive.

Surgical abortion takes between 20 minutes to 30 minutes if there are no complications. This time issue makes it expensive.

Space used to do abortion is paid for. The price paid for the service includes this.

Instruments used for abortion are expensive. The cost is going to be passed on to the women.

Training of doctors that do surgical abortion takes a lot of time. The woman paying for abortion pays for this time too.

A doctor performing abortion is assisted by nurses and other assistants. These nurses will be paid by you through an extra charge. These salaries are all passed on to the pregnant women to pay.

All the issues mentioned above makes making surgical abortion expensive as compared to abortion with a pill.

surgical abortion

Medical or Surgical Abortion?

It is your choice to make. They both work effectively. Surgical abortion is quicker than abortion with a pill. But, they both work effectively and they are recommended by the World Health Organization.

The choice is your to choose depending on where you are and your financial ability.

Surgical abortion sometimes is difficult to get even when you need it because of your location. You many not have doctors willing to do it in your location.

Finding difficulty to decide?

Are you finding difficulty to deiced? Talk to us and we shall walk you through the whole process.

Let us help you decide what is right for you in your situation.

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