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Abortion Clinic and Pills for Sale in Isipingo – Are you pregnant in Isipingo and surrounding areas and do not want to continue with your pregnancy?

You are at the right page for the right assistance to end the unwanted pregnancy.

We shall help you end the pregnancy safely and successfully.

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Weeks between which to terminate at Isipingo

Our service starts as early as 1 week to 16 weeks.

The moment you realize that you may be pregnant, test. If you are having unprotected test there is a chance of getting pregnant. Keep testing yourself so that you are not taken by accident.

There are cheap testing kits at all pharmacies and big supermarkets. These should be your friends, as they will alert you to your pregnancy and this will allow to decide quickly with what you want to do with your pregnancy.

Our service in Isipingo is given to all women who need it without discrimination.

We do not ask embarrassing questions and we do not want to know why you are terminating.

The issue of termination is your decision. It is legal to terminate so there is no reason to know why you want to do it. In fact you could have no reason at all. It is OK.

Method of Termination at Abortion Clinic Isipingo

There basically two methods of termination you can do in Isipingo.

  1. Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is in clinic abortion performed by the doctor.

It is usually done from 12 weeks upwards. That is if you are in 2nd trimester.

The doctor will either scrape the pregnancy tissue or embryo from your uterus.

He does this using specialized abortion tools.

surgical abortion tools
surgical abortion tools

The process is quick and slightly uncomfortable.

But it is very expensive because of all that goes into helping you.

2. Medical Abortion – Abortion with a pill

Medical abortion is the alternative to surgical abortion. During this procedure you are given a termination pill to take orally.

The pill will trigger your menstrual cycle and you will pass the pregnancy tissue.

If you are early you will see blood only. If you are a bit late you will see clots too.

It is safe and it usually happens on the day you take the pills. In some women there is a few days delay. But it often happens after.

Pills are a very safe but a cheap method of termination.

You can take the pills in the comfort of your home. They do a controlled termination very similar to a miscarriage. Women go through natural miscarriages all the time and they remain healthy.

safe abortion pills
termination pills

Pills for Sale in Isipingo

If you want to buy abortion pills for your termination we shall assist you. You will get the right abortion pills. You will get the right dose as well.

It is important to get both the right pills because there a lot of fake pills on the market. You must also get the right dose as well. A small dose will not help you at all.

Abortion Clinic and Pills for Sale in Isipingo

If you are pregnant and want a termination or clinic or want abortion pills, you will be assisted.

Our service is private and confidential.

Let us help you.

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Abortion clinic Number +27 61 067 8310

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