Do you need Parent Permission for abortion in South Africa?

Do you need parent permission for abortion in South Africa? Not at all. You do not need permission to have an abortion from any one. No need to to get consent of your parents, they can be informed though. You do not need consent of your partner either.

South African law treats all people as individuals in as far as reproductive health is concerned. The law figured out that the person getting a baby is you and not your parents and not your partner. It is you who will become a parent at a very tender age. For that reason the decision to have or terminate a pregnancy is primarily on the shoulders of the pregnant person.

There are NO Young Parents

The moment you have a baby regardless your age you become a parent. There is no young parents. The moment you get a child you are immediately a grown up person. Children come with massive responsibilities. So, you can not be young with children. It does not work like that. You have a child, you are a grown up person. That is the nature of the beast.

Child Mothers
A parent at 13 years of Age

What the South African Abortion Law says verbatim in regards to permission to terminate an unwanted pregnancy:

Consent · · 5. (l) Subject to the provisions of subsections (4) and (5), the termination of a 45 pregnancy may only take place with the informed consent of the pregnant woman. 50 (2) Notwithstanding any other law or the common law, but subject to the provisions of subsections (4) and (5), no consent other than that of the pregnant woman shall be required for the termination of a pregnancy.

Adopted from South African Parliament Records

(3) In the case of a pregnant minor, a medical practitioner or a registered midwife, as the case may be, shall advise such minor to consult with her parents, guardian, family members or friends before the pregnancy is terminated: Provided that the termination of the pregnancy shall not be denied because such minor chooses not to consult them.

Adopted from South African Parliament Records

Above is what the abortion act of South Africa says about getting permission. You do not need permission from any one to end a pregnancy. Not even permission from your partner or even parents. As minor you can talk over your issue with your parents. But they can not deny you permission to terminate.

The decision to terminate rests with the person who is pregnant. That is the law. The age does not matter.

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Pregnancy is a time sensitive issue. There are laws that govern it. It is not open ended. The day you realize you are pregnant decide what you are going to do. The more you wait the more difficult it will become for you.

Some girls contact us seeking help to terminate and then put it off for several weeks. They then come back and make the same request again. Often, we do not help them because the out of what the law allows.

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