Why Abort

Why Do women Abort / Terminate Pregnancies

Each year, almost half of all pregnancies among South African women are unintended. You then have no choice but to end the pregnancy.

Some of the women abort because of economic conditions. They are not economically ready to raise a child which is a very expensive exercise. The best way out is to end the pregnancy.


It is your choice - Feel Free

Social pressures are also another reason why women terminate their pregnancy. In some societies an unmarried woman getting pregnant at home is frowned upon. The solution is to terminate the pregnancy.

Rape and incest are other reasons why women abort.

Some women are pressurized by parents and partners to abort /terminate the pregnancy.

Whatever the reason that you have it is your choice to continue to full term and have a child or abort / terminate the pregnancy. It is all in your hands.

Our job is to help you when you have come to any conclusion.

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Thank you for treating me with kindness during my difficult time.

You helped when I thought I was stuck with a pregnancy that I could not afford to go through with. Kind regards to you.

Anne » Centurion


I am alright. Thank you for coming to my aide. I am now back at school. You made it possible.

Thanks for being none judgemental

Ursula » UP