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We are safe and compassionate abortion service provider to the people of Soshanguve. We are an Abortion Clinic in Soshanguve Pretoria.
Soshanguve Abortion Clinics | Abortion Pills Soshanguve .

The clinic was established in 2008. It is highly reputable private termination centre. We provide safe and confidential abortion and reproductive services to women in Soshanguve, Mabopane, Garankuwa, Winterveld and all surrounding areas.

The decision to terminate is a difficult one. We understand that problem. If you are to make that decision know you are not alone – we shall be with you all through this difficult time.

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Abortion Clinics in Soshanguve

Abortion is Safe

One thing you do not need to worry about is your safety. Abortion is very safe if you do what is scientifically recommended. That is either termination with a pill or with machines – that is surgically.

Our doctors and nurses are highly trained to end pregnancies in a controlled and safe way. You will be in very safe hands.

Age and Permission to get Abortion

There is no minimum age to be helped with your termination of pregnancy. The law allows any woman young and old to terminate without getting permission from any one. You do not need permission from any one. You do not need permission from your partner or parents.

If you are pregnant the decision to terminate is yours alone. But, you can talk it over with your people. If you are OK with discussing your issue with any one please do.

Keep one thing in mind – it is you who is pregnant and not any one. It is therefore critical to think through what you are doing clearly based on circumstances. It is you who will have the baby and not any one else. So, it is your decision and your life at the end of the day.

Abortion Pills for sale Soshanguve | Abortion Pills Soshanguve

Pills are safe and they terminate pregnancies safely. We shall assist you get the right abortion pills.

Not all abortion pills on the market being peddled around are correct. The wrong pills will not endanger you at all but you will not get the right thing. You run the risk of buying Panadol thinking it is abortion pills. It will not give you the intended results.

The biggest mistake women who need abortion pills make is to decide what to buy based on pricing. Every time price determines where to buy remember one thing. Buy cheap and pay twice. The people who sell cheap things are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. They will either give you a small dose or they will give fake pills. In both instances you will lose.

Just add on little bit more money and get the right pills and buy once and you are done. Do not be cheated. The small money you think you are saving will end up being lost twice over.

Keep that in mind.

We have the right pills and our price is correct. It is affordable. Abortion pills are not expensive at all. Just that some people make a mistake of trying to go too cheap. They always lose.

Safe Abortion Pills
Safe abortion Pills

Abortion Frequently Asked Questions

Is abortion with pills safe? – Yes it is very safe. It is recommended by the world health organization.

Will I be able to get pregnant again? – Yes. Abortion done safely with a pill does not affect your ability to get pregnant again. It is very safe. And it can be soon. So practice safe sex.

What type of pills do you use? – There are several abortion pills out there. There is mifepristone, misoprostol, mifegymiso, and many others. Make sure you get the right abortion pills.

How much are the abortion pills? It depends on how far you are into your pregnancy. It is a dose. The dose you will get will determine the price. But minimum is around R500.

Can I take the abortion pills at home? Yes you can. Abortion with pills is very safe.

How soon will I breed after taking the pills? Each woman is different. From 30 minutes to several hours.

For how long will I bleed after taking the pill? Each woman is different. You can bleed for several days to Two weeks. It will be heavy in the first hours and it will subside after. It is normal.

Do you have any questions not answered here? Please feel free to contact us on +27 61 067 8310. We shall assist you.

Soshanguve Abortion Clinics |
Abortion Pills Soshanguve

Are you pregnant and you are in Soshanguve and the surrounding areas? We shall help you end the pregnancy safely.

Get hold of us and we shall help you end the pregnancy and you will be OK after.

Dr Rene Musa - I am a professional doctor specializing in termination of pregnancy. I specialized in women reproductive health to ensure that women have a chance to terminate safely. Having children should be a choice and not an accident. If you are not ready you should not have babies. Women, regardless of age should be free to choose when they want to become parents. I have over 15 years of safe termination of pregnancy experience. Do you need help? WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310 now.
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