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The easiest way to get safe abortion in Swaziland is to terminate with a pill. That means that you should quickly decide that you want to terminate and do it when you are early.

Abortion with a pill is best when a woman is early into her pregnancy.

What is Termination with a Pill

It is recommended by the World Health Organization as one of the two safe ways to end a pregnancy.

It involves taking abortion pills orally or vaginally. You are also given instructions of things to do and what not to do.

There are different types of abortion pills which include Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Mifegymiso, Methotrexate and many others. Each pill has different instructions. You will be walked through the usage instructions.

Some pills are taken in combination with other pills and others can be taken on their own. You will get all the information you need.

Safe Months to Terminate in Swaziland

Since you are going to use a pill to terminate the safest period to abort is within the first months. It is between 1 week to 16 weeks (4 months). That is the best period to use abortion pills.

Abortion is a time sensitive activity. It has to be done early so that you see only your menstrual cycle which you do see monthly any way.

If you delay things change very rapidly. In fact you will struggle to get help if you take long to decide what you want to do with your pregnancy.

Is Abortion with a Pill Pain Full

All abortion method are uncomfortable. There is a degree of discomfort but it is very safe.

You may go through a period of cramping. But this lasts not more than a day and you are back to your normal life.

But giving birth is uncomfortable at any stage. You will not be giving birth here. Am just letting you know that there is a degree of discomfort but manageable. You should not put it off because of this.

What is very critical is that abortion when done with a pill is extremely safe.

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What do I need to know after Abortion

Rest after abortion. Do not do heavy jobs.

You may bleed for more than a week or so. It is normal. If you bleed very heavily for a long time get to your hospital and tell them you had a miscarriage.

Take antibiotics to ensure you do not get any infections. This is a precaution.

Your menstruation may return after 4 to 7 weeks after termination.

Do not have sex for 3 to 4 weeks. Sex may lead to infections.

Avoid putting anything foreign like tampons in your vagina. They may lead to infections.

After 1 month you should be fully normal and can lead your normal life again. But remember unsafe sex will lead to pregnancy again.

Safe Abortion in Swaziland

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Our services are very safe. You will be healthy and able to get pregnant again in future should you need help. That is guaranteed.

safe abortion Swaziland number +27 61 067 8310


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