Safe Abortion with Pills – the facts

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Safe abortion with pills – the facts. Abortion with pills is very safe. You are going to read a lot of scare mongering about pills. Ignore them. These scares and ill information comes basically from two kinds of people.

  1. Anti abortion activists. This group of people put out all kind of information to scare women. They will tell you that you are going to die or something terrible will happen to you when use pills. Wrong. You will be perfectly safe. 99% of women go through this safely.
  2. Another group of people are the outright ignorant. They do not know what they are saying but have access to blogs and newspapers. Because of this access they spew their ignorance and make look true. They are wrong. Pills are safe.

Success rate of Abortion with pills (medical abortion)

Medical abortion is a common practice all over the world today and has been shown to be effective for 98.3% for women in early pregnancies. The procedure mimics miscarriage and is preferred by many women on the grounds that it is less invasive. Given the low risk of complications and high success rate of medical abortions, the World Health Organisation has stated that they do not need to take place in a hospital or clinic.

Safe abortion with a pills
abortion pill

98.3% success rate. What more evidence do you need? And the failure is usually due to misuse of pills and when redone it works.

Many countries especially in Europe, Australia and America have legalized home use of abortion pills after satisfying themselves that it is safe.

Types of Abortion Pills

There several types of abortion pills found around he world. In fact several types abortion pills are exactly the same but carry different names. This is due to the different generic names.

Misoprostol /Cytotec is the most commonly used abortion pills in the world. This pill is available easily in may countries. It works perfectly on its own to end a pregnancy safely.

Mifepristone / RU 486 – this is expensive and a bit difficult to come by. It is usually used in combination with misoprostol.

Methotraxate this very difficult to get. It is used in the treatment of cancer and also for termination of ectopic pregnancy.

Mifegymiso – This is a new termination pill most available in the developed world. It combines mifepristone and misoprostol in one pill.

How do I use the abortion pill

Your doctor will advise you on what to do and what not to do.

Some abortion pills are but under the tongue (sublingual). They enter the blood stream through the small vessels under the tongue.

You can also put these pills in the vagina. The vagina has soft walls and blood vessels.

There are also do’s and do not’s with the usage of abortion pills. You will be given all that information by your service provider. Abortion pills are taken in are taken in a strict way to be effective. You have to follow the instructions strictly.

When is it Unsafe to Use Abortion Pills to End a Pregnancy?

Abortion pills are used to induce early delivery of a baby at full term. This means that abortion pills work until the end of gestation (pregnancy).

But at the late stage of your pregnancy you must be supervised by a medical practitioner to use them.

If you use abortion pills after 5 months the baby is fully formed and therefore the abortion pills will make you go into labour. And the baby will come out alive albeit a premature, keep that in mind.

You are therefore advised to only use abortion pills when you are early, not because they will not work at a later stage but because after sometime you get a baby.

Abortion pills are very safe  work in 98.3% of cases
taking the abortion pills

Safe Abortion with Pills – the facts

Pills are very safe.

Can be used at home.

Have a very high success rate.

They are recommended by the World Health Organization,

Many developed countries have allowed their use at home.

You too will be OK if you use them at home.

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Safe Abortion with Pills
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