Safe Abortion in Hammanskraal

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Safe abortion in Hammanskraal. We offer safe abortion services to women of all ages and races.

Our staff are a compassionate and kind. They understand that you are taking a very difficult decision and do not want to make it in harder. We do not ask questions beyond what will help you and us get your body back.

The service is about you. We therefore make it as comfortable as possible.

Our number is on top. Call or WhatsApp. You can also email. You will assisted as quickly as possible.

Definition of Safe Abortion

Safe abortion is when you terminate an unwanted pregnancy following World Health Organisation recommended procedures.

These procedures are limited to 2 ways. 1. Termination with a pill 2. Surgical Termination. These are the only two recommended ways in which you can end a pregnancy.

Any thing outside those two ways is dangerous. And avoid it like a plague. Avoid all those tricks that friends tell you. They are not pregnant, you are. You have to be safe. It is important.

Abortion Method in Hammanskraal

The most common method of termination we do in the clinic in Medical abortion. That is abortion with a pill.

The reason why this is the most common method of termination is because of the cost issues. Most women can not afford termination surgically. Surgical termination is expensive.

Medical termination is cheap because it is done with a pill without the doctor intervening. Most women can afford this.

Safe abortion Temba

Our clinic in Hammanskraal serves Temba as well. A 5 minutes taxi ride from Temba to Hammanskraal is all you have to take to reach us.

Come through any time and you will get a safe termination service. Give us a call or whatsapp and we shall book you in.

You are not going to stay around for a night. No. It is in and out.

Abortion clinic in Hammanskraal
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Abortion Pills For Sale in Hammanskraal Temba

We do have the right abortion pills for you in Hammanskraal. Getting wrong pills and getting scammed is very possible. This is your chance to avoid mistakes and getting the right pills from the right professionals.

Getting the pills is not enough. You need to get the right dose too. Pills may be correct, but if you get a small dose you will not get what you are looking for. Because we are professionals we shall walk you through the whole pill thing.

We do have all kinds of pills from misoprostol to mifegymiso. Talk to us if you in Hammanskraal and we shall assist.

Safe Abortion Price Hammanskraal

The price depends on the method of termination you want and the duration of your pregnancy.

Abortion with a pill is cheap. Early pregnancies are also cheaper.

Abortion is a time sensitive thing. Do not wait around thinking. Decide and do it as soon as you can.

Safe Abortion in Hammanskraal

Are you in Temba and Hammanskraal? Do you need to terminate a pregnancy? You just a call or whatsapp away from help safe abortion help.

Get hold of us today and you will be assisted quickly, safely and cheaply.

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