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Abortion is not legal in Botswana. You will not find a clinic in Botswana that legally does abortion. That is not going to happen.

But abortion is legal across the border in South Africa and Zambia. You can terminate a pregnancy in those two countries without issues.

In South Africa where it is even easier to terminate, it is legal without questions between 1 week to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks to 20 weeks the law says you should have a reason to terminate but you can still get help without too much hustles. After 20 weeks it becomes illegal to terminate in South Africa.

Safe Abortion Doctors

So help in South Africa is easy but not open ended. It has a few limits that should not catch you. You have enough time to make a decision and act quickly.

In Botswana in rear circumstances and for health reasons you can get legal abortion help. But, the moment the law is against abortion you will struggle to put your case convincingly to get help.

Abortion Law in Botswana

The law says: Abortion in Botswana is only legal under certain conditions and done by a doctor if the woman is still within 16 weeks of pregnancy and these are;

  • Pregnancy as a result of rape, defilement or incest.
  • Pregnancy puts the life of mother at risk or may cause harm to her physical or mental health
  • The unborn child would suffer or later develop physical or mental abnormality

Those are the prerequisites to do abortion in Botswana.

But you can get help either across the border or get termination pills right in Botswana. It is possible. Not satisfying government legal requirements does not mean that you should get a baby you are not ready and not willing to have.

There is an alternative to all this. That lies in safe abortion pills.

Safe Abortion with Pills in Botswana

Abortion pills have been discovered to offer safe termination globally. Not all women have access to doctors. And it has been discovered that thousands of women have miscarriages far away from hospitals or medical help. But they do not die. Natural miscarriage is very safe.

Science came up with medicine that mimics miscarriages. The medicine induces a miscarriage similar to natural miscarriages. The woman terminates in a controlled way and safely.

Abortion Pills for Sale in Gaborone – Botswana

Abortion pills are safe.

The will terminate your pregnancy in a controlled manner.

That is the only way you will end an unwanted pregnancy in Gaborone in a safe.

The pill are take orally or vaginally.

They will trigger your menstrual cycle and you pass the pregnancy tissue and you are done.

You may bleed from between 2 days to 14 days in a controlled way. After that it will stop.

Are the abortion pills safe?

They are very safe.

You will be able to fall pregnant again and often soon. Practice safe sex to avoid going through the process again.

Robot delivering pills in areas where abortion is illegal – pills are very safe

During termination this will happen:

You are going to experience nausea or vomiting. Cramping and chills are possible. There is a possibility of diarrhea. That is what happens to most women and they quickly go away.

In short time you will get back your life and you will be up and running again.

Other Options Open to Me to do abortions in Botswana

There is none. If you have cold feet then the alternative is to cross the border and get help in South Africa. The laws will not allow you.

Depending on where you are in Botswana you can get help from near by towns such as Mafikeng, Rustenburg, and Lephalale. You will get help that you need.

No questions asked. You are helped as a human being in need of help. South Africa health system does not allow for discrimination. If you are need of help you are helped.

If you are struggling to reach decision on where to get help , let us help you:

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