How safe is abortion in the first month | How safe is abortion at 4 weeks

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How safe is abortion in the first month |How safe is abortion at 4 weeks? At this stage it is very safe to have an abortion. But the abortion itself must done in what is acceptable ways. That is using abortion pills or surgery.

Abortion becomes unsafe if you do it in ways that are not acceptable. It does not matter whether you do it at 1 week, 1 month or 6 months, if your method is wrong you will get into deep trouble.

Unsafe Abortion Methods

Women are known to use sharp things and inserting them in their vagina with the intention of piercing the fetus or embryo.

These sharp things include hangers.

unsafe abortion methods
it is unsafe to use a hanger for abortion

The hanger is not guided to the right location. It is extremely unsafe and you are injuring all the soft tissues that the hanger touches. It leads to injuries and infections. If you are lucky you may survive, if you are unlucky you will destroy your uterus and will never be able to have a baby when ready.

Other women use bitter herbs. These herbs poison the embryo or fetus and kill it inside you. You will need surgery to remove the dead fetus. You may end up poisoning yourself. Avoid this.

Some women hit themselves on hard surfaces. The aim is to injure the fetus inside. Very crude and wrong.

Other methods include taking pain killers and a lot of soft drinks. Result is always zero.

The methods above are unsafe to end a pregnancy. It does not matter whether you try them at 4 weeks or later in your pregnancy. Just do not do them. They are unsafe.

Safe Abortion Methods

Abortion with a pill is safe and it will work perfectly at 4 weeks (1 month). A pill is taken orally or vaginally. The pill cuts off nutrients to the fetus and leads to cramping and consequent expulsion of the fetus from the body.

safe abortion  4 weeks with a
Abortion pills are safe at 4 weeks

The whole process is controlled and very safe. It is very rear to get problems. If problems occur they are easy to deal with.

Abortion pills have been scientifically tested and used to end pregnancies.

The World Health Organization recommends them as a safe way to end pregnancies especially when women are far away from doctors. You can use them privately and you will be safe.

Surgical abortion involves doctors removing the fetus or embryo. They use instruments designed for the process. These instruments are kind to soft tissues found in your vagina and uterus and will not damage them. You will be able to terminate easily and successfully at 4 weeks.

Surgical abortion in process
surgical abortion in process

At 4 weeks or 1 month pregnancy all you will see is your menstrual cycle when medical or surgical abortion is done. There is nothing more.

How safe is abortion in the first month |How safe is abortion at 4 weeks

Abortion at 1 month or 4 weeks is very safe if done with an abortion pill or surgically.

It is unsafe if you use crude methods some mentioned above and others you hear from from your friends. Remember is your life it is not theirs. Your friends do not care what happens to you. Do not listen to them.

Do safe abortion with an abortion pill or surgically.

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