Medical Abortion And When Not to Use it

What is Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion is when you get a pill for your abortion other surgical abortion when you are operated on to remove the feotus. Medical abortion is painless and it works just hours after getting the pill. Medical abortion is best and effective when you are in the 1 tremester of pregnancy. These are the first months of pregnancy.


Medical Abortion Pills

But if You Fall Under Any of The Categories below You are not Fit for a Medical Abortion (Pill):

  1. You have have an active alcohol/drug addiction.
  2. You have sickle cell or severe anemia.
  3. You have a blood clotting disorder or taking anticoagulant (blood thinning) products.
  4. You are breastfeeding.
  5. You have folate deficiency.
  6. You have known intolerance or allergy to either mifeprex, misoprostol or similar drugs.
  7. You live more than one hour away from emergency medical care.
  8. You have Hepatitis or other liver disease (Inactive Hepatitis A is okay).
  9. You have kidney, respiratory, or bowel disease.
  10. You have heart disease that is AHA 3 or worse.
  11. You have an uncontrolled seizure disorder.
  12. You have renal insufficiency.
  13. You have a tubal pregnancy.
  14. You have an intrauterine device (IUD) in place, it must be removed before taking Mifeprex.
  15. You have chronic use of corticosteroids.
  16. You have been treated with certain steroid medications for a long period of time.
  17. You have high blood pressure.
  18. Call - 061 067 8310 - Immediately for help - Avoid wasting time the biological clock is not on your side!

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Thank you for treating me with kindness during my difficult time.

You helped when I thought I was stuck with a pregnancy that I could not afford to go through with. Kind regards to you.

Anne » Centurion


I am alright. Thank you for coming to my aide. I am now back at school. You made it possible.

Thanks for being none judgemental

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