Medical Abortion – Abortion with a Pill

And When Not to Use it

Medical Abortion is when you use a pill for your abortion other than surgical abortion. It is a highly recommended method to end a pregnancy.

Surgical abortion on the other hand is when you are operated on to remove the fetus.

Medical abortion is best done when you are in the 1 trimester of your pregnancy. These are the first months of pregnancy.

Why is termination with a pill good?

It is cheap.

The pills is very effective in ending a pregnancy.

You use the pill wherever you are. You do it in the comfort of your home.

It is private.

You can receive medicine wherever you even when termination is illegal in your country.

It is very safe.

It does not affect your future pregnancies

Medical Abortion - Abortion with a pill to stop an unwanted pregnancy
Unsure of what to do with your pregnancy

Medical Abortion Pills

But if You Fall Under Any of The Categories below You are not Fit for a Abortion with Pill:

  1. You have have an active alcohol/drug addiction.
  2. You have sickle cell or severe anemia.
  3. You have a blood clotting disorder or taking anticoagulant (blood thinning) products.
  4. You are breastfeeding.
  5. You have folate deficiency.
  6. You have known intolerance or allergy to either mifeprex, misoprostol or similar drugs.
  7. You live more than one hour away from emergency medical care.
  8. You have Hepatitis or other liver disease (Inactive Hepatitis A is okay).
  9. You have kidney, respiratory, or bowel disease.
  10. You have heart disease that is AHA 3 or worse.
  11. You have an uncontrolled seizure disorder.
  12. You have renal insufficiency.
  13. You have a tubal pregnancy.
  14. You have an intrauterine device (IUD) in place, it must be removed before taking Mifeprex.
  15. You have chronic use of corticosteroids.
  16. You have been treated with certain steroid medications for a long period of time.
  17. You have high blood pressure.

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Why Medical Abortion?

It is cheap. It is can be afforded by most women.

You do not need a doctor with you to terminate. If you have the right pills you can terminate right in the comfort of your home with ease.

All you need is the pills and the right instructions and you will be OK.

It is recommended by the World Health Organization.

Can Medical Abortion Fail

Medical abortion is effective in over 90% of all women who utilize it. This means that it is effective over 9 out of every 10 women who use it.

It fails in one woman out of ten. This is a very high success rate, for the process to fail you need to either be unfortunate or not follow the instructions.

Is Medical Abortion Safe

Yes it is extremely safe and it is about using the pill nothing more than that. The World Health Organization recommends it as one of the two methods of termination. The other one is surgical.

But W H O puts more emphasis on termination with a pill because it is a life saver. It is cheap and needs little supervision for it work effectively.

Medical termination goes wrong in extremely few women. In this few women if given immediate hospital attention the problem which is usually due hemorrhage (over bleeding) is corrected quickly.

Is Medical Abortion Painful

Medical abortion may be uncomfortable in some women.

It causes the following effects in some women: nausea, vomiting, chills and cramping. These often go away quickly. They hardly last more than 2 days utmost.

The discomfort is there but not something to worry about.

Can Medical Abortion be Pain Free

Pain happens in some women and not in others. Some doctors also offer pain killers like brufen before giving you abortion pills.

So pain during medical abortion can be controlled. Secondly it goes away quite quickly.

Is medical abortion safer than surgical

Medical abortion is very safe. I will not say it safer than surgical abortion but it is very safe.

Both cases you will be fine.

Termination with a pill is none intrusive. No one will intrude into your private areas.

It is very effective though.

Is Medical Abortion Successful

If you get the right pills and take them the right way medical abortion will be very successful.

It works within hours in most women and sometimes within days. One thing is that it works and very effectively.

Is Medical Abortion Safe for Future Pregnancy

Medical abortion which is termination with a pill will not at all affect your ability to fall pregnant.

As a matter of fact we help some girls up to three times a year. This means that their ability to get pregnant is not affected by constant termination with pills.

So medical abortion and ability to get pregnant are not related at all. Medical abortion is safe and recommended method to end a pregnancy.

Can Medical Abortion make you Infertile?

The simple answer is no. Medical abortion and infertility are not related at all.

The pill simply cause a miscarriage similar to what women go through all the time. Women can miscarry several times naturally and still get pregnant.

Medical abortion induces a miscarriage but does not affect your other bodily abilities. Your fertility remains very much intact.

Can Medical Abortion be Detected in the Future?

Medical abortion can not be detected now and can not be detected in the future.

The only way a person will know that you took a pill to terminate a pregnancy is if you volunteer the information. If you do not say there is no way one can tell that you even inducing a miscarriage.

Miscarriages are normal and happen to women all the time naturally. There is nothing new about them. Doctors see miscarriages all the time.

Medical abortion can not be detected now and not even in the future.

Can Medical Abortion be Repeated?

You can do abortion with a pill as frequently as you want to. It is your choice.

It is a very safe procedure that does not affect your health in any way. You can do it as many as times as you want.

Remember, practicing safe sex will save you from performing abortion over and over again.

It is your choice though to decide how you run your life. All I can tell you is that abortion by pill is safe.

Can Medical Abortion Cause Infection?

It is not common that abortion with pills leads to infection but it is possible especially if on practices unsafe sex or inserts things in her vagina like tampons after termination.

To avoid infections do not insert anything in your vagina to up to 3 weeks after terminating with a pill.

You should also take a full dose of antibiotics after termination. It will protect you from infections.

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