How to do Abortion at Home

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There is only one way to do safe abortion at home and that is through usage of abortion pills.

Abortion pills will trigger a miscarriage in a controlled way. It will be similar to a natural miscarriage that thousands of women go through every day. The only difference is that pills miscarriage is intended. The woman who does it knows what will happen and she will prepare.

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Types of abortion pills

There are many types of abortion pills. These include but not limited to methotraxate, mifepristone, misoprostol, cytotec, mifegymiso, mifeprex and may other.

All those pills are used in abortion and to cure other ailments.

Most of those pills can used to treat other ailments as well.

Your doctor or service provider will give you the pill and also give you the usage instructions.

Are Abortion Pills Safe

Yes. They are the safest method to terminate a pregnancy other than surgery.

There can be a few complications here and there. But on a general note the complications are very rear.

And even where they happen they easy to manage at a hospital. All you have to tell the people at a hospital is that you are having a miscarriage and they will help you.

safe abortion with a pill

Unsafe Home Abortion Methods

Anything sharp like needles, hangers inserted into your body is unsafe do not do it.

Herbs of any type are unsafe do not take them in order to end a pregnancy.

Taking pain killers mixed with drinks will do nothing to end the pregnancy other than poisoning you.

Anything that you here from your friends is in all likelihood unsafe. Do not do it to end a pregnancy.

Some women hit the stomach or fall on the stomach to injure the fetus. You will kill both, you and fetus. Do not do it.

The only way you can end a pregnancy at home is by using abortion pills.

Safe Home Abortion Duration

The best time to do abortion is when you are early. Best when you are 9 weeks and below. If late do not go beyond 16 weeks.

When you are early it is only blood and clots. You will not see anything.

When you are late placentas and fetuses come into the picture. The whole thing gets complicated for you.

The moment you discover you are pregnant and do not think you go full length terminate immediately. Abortion is time sensitive.

How to do Surgical Abortion at Home

There is nothing like that. Surgery happens in a surgery or hospital. Do not try it at home. You will kill your self.

There is no surgical abortion at home. It does not happen and do not try inserting things in your body. You will only succeed in killing yourself.

What to do after abortion at home

Avoid heavy work.

Take anti biotics

Do not put anything in your vagina.

Relax. You will get will very soon.

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