Does Abortion Pills Damage the Womb

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Does Abortion Pills Damage the Womb? No. Abortion pills are very safe. In fact women get pregnant quite quickly after terminating using pills if they do not practice safe sex.

If you want to terminate and you do not have a lot of money or are in a village then think abortion pills. It is the right decision.

Safe Abortion Pills
Abortion Pills

Pills Are Recommended by WHO

Pills are recommended by the World Health Organisation as one of the two methods to end a pregnancy. The other one being surgical.

The whole World Health Organization can not recommend medicine that is dangerous. That would not happen.

The World Health Organization monitors health issues all over the world. If the pills where dangerous they would long have sounded a warning. They have not done so. They have actually encouraged their use.

Developed Countries Use Abortion Pills

Developed countries in Europe, America and Canada do use abortion pills to end pregnancies. The reason is that they are extremely safe and can be used without doctor supervision.

The risks of abortion pills are so low and negligible and easily corrected if they occur at all.

American courts have gone as far allowing women to procure them without doctors involved to help in ending pregnancies.

This would not happen if they were dangerous.

The wild stories you here about abortion pills are rumours from either ignorant people or anti abortion activists. Ignore them.

Government Hospitals Use Abortion Pills

Many government hospitals use abortion pills either to terminate a pregnancy or to induce early birth.

That is evidence that abortion pills are safe. A full hospital would not use them if they are dangerous but they do.

How Do Abortion Pills Work

They are different types of abortion pills from those used alone to those used in combination.

All they do is to cut off nutrients to the fetus or pregnancy tissue and expel it from the uterus.

That is all. This will not affect your ovaries (eggs) and or womb. These parts of the woman body remain intact and very much healthy.

Pregnancy After Abortion Pills

Many women terminate up to 3 to 4 times a year using abortion pills.

If practice unsafe sex practices or you do not prevent you will quickly get pregnant again after using abortion pills. So keep this in mind.

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