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We Help You Abort / Terminate an un-wanted pregnancy Today. That is what we do for you, especially if you stay around Gauteng. It is very quick and pain free. It is 98% successful. Let us Help You Today.

In South Africa, approximately 200,000 terminations of pregnancy are performed each year. This procedure is legal under certain circumstances. The procedure is one of the safest operations, and up to 20 weeks, is safer than giving birth.

How do I make an appointment for an abortion? If you would like to make an appointment for a pregnancy termination, contact the Doctor by calling 061 067 8310.


This woman is happy after going through a quick abortion process

When you call a receptionist will pick up your phone and give you an appointment.


Any of the following conditions means that will shall not be able to go ahead with the abortion / termination of pregnancy:

The Process is very quick and painless.

Call: - 061 067 8310 - Immediately for help - Avoid wasting time the biological clock is not on your side!

Email: help@womens-choice.co.za




Thank you for treating me with kindness during my difficult time.

You helped when I thought I was stuck with a pregnancy that I could not afford to go through with. Kind regards to you.

Anne » Centurion


I am alright. Thank you for coming to my aide. I am now back at school. You made it possible.

Thanks for being none judgemental

Ursula » UP