Abortion clinics in Johannesburg and Prices

Abortion clinics in Johannesburg and Prices. Johannesburg has several abortion clinics that range from very expensive clinics in Sandton to free in Government Hospitals.

Your pocket and the method of abortion you want, will determine what you get. The location of the clinic also determines what you pay. Their are upper class clinics in upper class areas. Their overheads are high and therefore they pass this on to the customers naturally.

Government Clinics and Hospitals Around Johannesburg Offer Free Abortion

If you are the patient type go to a Government clinic or hospital and you can be assisted for free. You need to be very patient as the numbers of people looking for help is extremely big.

You will be given an appointment and you may be helped. But you must be strictly 12 weeks and below. Government abortion clinics do not usually help women who are beyond 12 weeks with abortion. Keep that in mind. And they will know how far you are because they have access to scanners.

Need abortion from a government establishment you need to act quickly and need loads of patience.

Women’s Choice Safe Abortion Clinic

Women’s Choice Safe Abortion Clinic is an abortion clinic in Johannesburg CBD that offers safe, legal, guaranteed termination of pregnancy.

We have in our employment staff that understand that you are in a difficult period of your life with a pregnancy you do not want to keep. Our task is to assist you end this pregnancy safely.

Location Details:

Women’s Choice – Safe Abortion Clinic

Gandhi Square – Johannesburg CBD

Call or WhatsApp Number: +27 61 067 8310

Email: help@womens-choice.co.za

Starting Price R600 for medical abortion.

Safe, Legal and Guaranteed Abortion Service in Johannesburg

We offer safe, private, legal and affordable abortion services in Johannesburg.

Our service is designed to help women and girls who would otherwise struggle to get help somewhere else. We shall assist you without questions. Let us talk and help you terminate to day in a private and safe environment.

Our clinic is legally established. Our services are professional and safe.

We shall help you end an unwanted pregnancy quickly and safely.

It will also be cheap without compromising the quality of service.

Vaal Choice Abortion Clinic – Southern Johannesburg

Vaal Choice Abortion Clinic is found in Southern Johannesburg.

62 Murray Avenue, Maredale – Johannesburg South. Telephone number is 011 942 5633.

Their starting price is R2,200.

Starting price is just the base price. What you pay will depend on several variables. How far are you into your pregnancy and other services you get. The price above is just an indicative price. Give them a call and discuss your needs.

Reproductive Choices

Reproductive Choices clinics is found in Midrand – Johannesburg.

The Boulders Shopping Center – Suite 103. Office Block A. Entrance No. 7. 672 Old Pretoria Road. Telephone: 011 315 6303

Their starting price is R2,600.

But remember what you need and how far you are will determine the actual price that you will pay. Give them a call and talk.

Disa Health Care Clinic

This clinic is based in Sandton – Hurlingham Manor, 15 Lebensraum Pl, Hurlingham, Sandton, 2070.

Telephone : 011 787 1222

Base Price is R2,750

As already alluded the price depends on what type of abortion you are going to receive. For early termination and medical abortion that is the price.

Give them a call and discuss your needs.

Marie Stopes

Marie Stopes has 5 locations in Johannesburg. These are Gandhi Square, Midrand, Sandton, Soweto and Springs.

Location, duration of your pregnancy and method of your preferred termination will determine what you pay.

Base Price is R2,000.

Call them on 0800 117785 – discuss your needs with them to get a definitive answer.

Lister Medical Clinic

Located in Johannesburg CBD – 195 Rahima Moosa (Jeppe) street.

Telelephone: 087 551 1432 and WhatsApp: 083 708 7895

Base Price is R1,500

That is the base price for early medical abortion. Call them and find out exactly what you will pay depending on the duration of your pregnancy and your needs.

Termination Methods at Women’s Abortion Clinics Johannesburg

Pills for Abortion in Johannesburg / Medical Abortion in Johannesburg /
Abortion Pills for sale Johannesburg

The most common method of abortion offered is medical abortion. This is abortion with a pill.

You will be given termination pills and given instructions on how to use them. Abortion pills are used in the comfort of your home. It does not matter where you get them, they always used at home and they are very safe.

All clinics have therefore the correct termination of pregnancy pills in stock. They ensure that you get the right pills and also know how to use them.

Are you looking for the abortion pill? The right pill in the right dose. You can WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310. Let us point you in the right direction.

Abortion Clinic Johannesburg at Gandhi Square
Abortion Clinic Johannesburg at Gandhi Square

After using the abortion pills you will also receive cleaning pills. This is to ensure that everything is OK.

So, if you need abortion pills around Johannesburg we are the right people to talk to. Below are our contact details.

Abortion Clinic Johannesburg Number +27 61 067 8310

Email: help@womens-choice.co.za

Surgical Abortion

The alternative to medical abortion is surgical abortion. This when surgical tools are inserted into your uterus through the cervix and pregnancy tissue is scooped or sucked out.

You will be given general or local anesthesia. This will limit what you feel during the procedure. But the whole process takes a very short time and you are done.

Surgical abortion is expensive because of the direct intervention of the doctor and nurses.

Surgical abortion starts from R3000.

Decide on what you can afford and we shall assist you.

surgical abortion tool
Surgical abortion suction tool

Abortion clinics in Johannesburg and Prices

The prices start from R0.00 in government clinics, to R600 for medical abortion and it continues upwards. That is abortion with a pill and within the first weeks of your pregnancy. The price rises depending on where you get the help.

Surgical abortion will be more expensive and each clinic has its own pricing.

The price increases as the duration of your pregnancy progresses. The reason is that for medical abortion the dosage medicine increases with the duration of your pregnancy.

The price for termination is dependent on many variables. The variables are: 1. duration of your pregnancy. 2. method of termination. 3. clinic location. There are many other obscure issues which will determine how much you pay for the termination.

It is difficult to tell you exactly how much you are going to pay. Call each establishment and talk to them. But you have the base fee.

Why are Prices Different in Each Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg?

South Africa has an anti-collusion law. Businesses in an industry are not allowed to meet and set a similar price. If you do, you get penalized. The penalty is quite hefty.

Prices clinics charge are location based. Inner Johannesburg is cheaper than suburbs. It is an affordability issue. Different clinics serve different categories of people.

Different clinics do different things. Some clinics up-sell their services and collect more fees.

The results are usually the same. At the end of day you will get safe termination. Just take a pick from the clinics available and go for it.

Abortion Doctors Around Johannesburg

We have in our employment the best professional abortion doctors. Our doctors will offer you safe abortion around Johannesburg.

Our doctors have 20 years between them offering safe abortion service. So, when you come through to be helped you will be in the right hands.

We do not work on appoints. All you have to do is alert us that you need help and we shall assist you.

Our services are affordable. We try as much as possible to give abortion prices that normal women can afford.

It is about ensuring that the women get safe abortion. That is what we are about. Abortion clinic Johannesburg – safe termination is here to assist you.

Our abortion clinic is in Johannesburg CBD – Jhbg Central. Send an Email or give us call for directions from our professional contact services.are

Private Abortion Clinic Johannesburg

All the clinics mentioned above are private. They focus purely on termination of unwanted pregnancies.

The clinics do not discriminate against race. Therefore they are not interested in where you come from. It is about women and your needs. That is what they focus on.

Abortion Hospitals in Johannesburg

All government hospitals are mandated to offer abortions. As result you should try to get help there as well.

Hospitals usually offer abortion up to 12 weeks . Because abortion is legal until 12 weeks without questions, that is why hospitals do it until then. After 12 weeks you may be subjected to some questioning.

Public hospitals though mandated to terminate pregnancies are extremely busy. Termination may be the least serious on their roaster. That is why women struggle to get help there.

Hospital staff are overwhelmed by demand. They are over worked and over stretched.

Abortion Clinics in Roodepoort Johannesburg

Our abortion clinic serves the greater Johannesburg including Roodepoort.

If you are in Roodepoort and you want to terminate talk to us. How far are you into your pregnancy? If you are early termination may be easier than what you think.

You can terminate an early abortion medically with a pill. You can do it very safely in the comfort of your home.

Let us talk. We know exactly what happens. Bounce all your concerns on us. We shall advise you on the best way forward.

Abortion Clinics in Rosebank Johannesburg

Are you in Rosebank Johannesburg and looking for an abortion clinic? Let us be of help.

How many weeks are you into your pregnancy? This is a critical questions that determines the method of termination.

You will terminate an early pregnancy with a simple abortion pill. And you can easily get the pill in Rosebank. The pills are safe.

Abortion Johannesburg south

We can assist you if you are in Johannesburg South and need a safe abortion.

Abortion is extremely safe if done medically or surgically.

Our doctors are ready to help you. All you have to do is to contact us. WE shall help end your unwanted pregnancy.

We specialize in early termination of pregnancy.

Please give us a call and we shall assist you. Our contact details are on this page.

Abortion clinics in Sandton Johannesburg

We have already given you the details of the clinics that have a presence in Sandton.

If you can not afford them we can assist you get medical abortion. Medical abortion is not location based. You can do it privately. It is very safe.

Medical abortion as you may know is termination with a pill. It is safe, it is quick, it is affordable.

No appointment is necessary. Just give us a call and we shall work out a way to assist you.

Abortion Clinic Number +27 61 067 8310

Email: help@womens-choice.co.za

Abortion Clinics in Johannesburg and Prices- Safe Termination

If you are pregnant and do not want to see it through to full term, we are here to help. We shall point you in the right direction. WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310.

You can also give us a call and let us talk on how best to help you. You will be happy you did.

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