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Abortion is definitely termination of an unwanted pregnancy and that is what we help you do in one of our clinics. We offer a secure, pain free and professional abortion Service. The service is non judgmental. We just perform a task in accordance to your interest. We treat you kindly and privately and you will be through with this very quickly and you will back to your old self less the pregnancy.

Abortions Are Safe

Abortions are very safe. Less than one percent of women have any complications during or after an abortion / termination of pregnancy.

Surgical Abortion Clinic

Abortion pregnancy termination you are going to have:

This depends on various factors:

(a) Early pregnancy ( 1-16 weeks)- the pill (Medical abortion) is the recommended method of abortion /pregnancy termination and the result will just be blood and a few clots.

(b) Late pregnancy surgical procedure is the recommended method of abortion / pregnancy termination.

(c) Is your pregnancy normal – growing in the womb – then medical procedure is recommended. The pregnancy is within the Fallopian tubes then it will be surgical.

(d) How is your blood pressure? Pills are given to people with normal blood pressure. If you have a high blood pressure problem then the best method of abortion / pregnancy termination is surgical.

(e) Do you have allergies, asthma and such diseases – then surgical abortion/pregnancy termination is the way to go.

Do Not Delay. If you have missed a period and you think you are pregnant, do a pregnancy test. Test kits are available in pharmacies country wide. When the results return positive do not delay if you do not want to go through with the pregnancy. The more you delay the more the embryo grows and sooner other than later what would have been blood will be a child.

Act as quickly as possible if you are to terminate.

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Abortion Clinic Phone Number – Tel: 061 067 8310

Email: help@womens-choice.co.za


Thank you for treating me with kindness during my difficult time. You helped when I thought I was stuck with a pregnancy that I could not afford to go through with. Kind regards to you Anne » Centurion


I am alright. Thank you for coming to my aide. I am now back at school. You made it possible.

Thanks for being none judgemental


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Dr Rene Musa - I am a professional doctor specializing in termination of pregnancy. I specialized in women reproductive health to ensure that women have a chance to terminate safely. Having children should be a choice and not an accident. If you are not ready you should not have babies. Women, regardless of age should be free to choose when they want to become parents. I have over 15 years of safe termination of pregnancy experience. Do you need help? WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310 now.

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