Abortion clinic in Vereeniging

Abortion clinic in Vereeniging – We are an abortion Clinic based in Vereeniging.

Abortion clinic number +27 61 067 8310 – Call or WhatsApp

Email: help@womens-choice.co.za

Type of Abortion Performed at the Clinic

We specialize in medical abortion where a pill is used. The pill is taken orally. It will trigger your menstrual cycle and you pass the pregnancy tissue and you are done.

Until How many Weeks is Abortion Done?

Abortion is done until 16 weeks at thew Clinic in Vereeniging which is 4 months into your pregnancy. You can be helped up until your 4 month into your pregnancy but you can terminate as early as 1 week.

Abortion clinic in Vereeniging

It is up to you when you want to terminate, but the earlier the better and the cheaper it will be for you.

Safe abortion clinic on Vereeniging

Yes our clinic is safe and very legal. You will be fine and you will be able to terminate successful.

You will be given a pill which you take orally.

The pill is very safe. You are not going to see anything other than your menstrual blood. That is if you terminate early.

Do you want to Terminate at the Abortion Clinic in Vereeniging?

We shall assist you. We are just a phone call or whatsapp message away. You can also send us an email. Details are on this page.

We shall deal with you privately and safely. We are private abortion clinic in Vereeniging.

The doctor and nurses do not ask questions outside the service you are looking for. They are patient and understanding.

The most important thing is you getting back your old body. That is what is critical to us.

Abortion Clinics Prices Vereeniging

The prices depend on how far you are into your pregnancy. The earlier you are into your pregnancy the cheaper it is to terminate. When you wait the price increases.

After 17 weeks we shall not assist you. You will be late. So the earlier you come through the better for you.

Dr Rene Musa - I am a professional doctor specializing in termination of pregnancy. I specialized in women reproductive health to ensure that women have a chance to terminate safely. Having children should be a choice and not an accident. If you are not ready you should not have babies. Women, regardless of age should be free to choose when they want to become parents. I have over 15 years of safe termination of pregnancy experience. Do you need help? WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310 now.
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