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Women’s Choice is an Abortion Clinic in Port Elizabeth – located in Pier 14. We offer professional, safe, cheap and guaranteed abortion services.

Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic in Port Elizabeth offers abortion services up to 16 weeks. We have very skilled abortion doctors to assist you. Our combined experience doing abortion is 20 years. We pride ourselves in offering cheap but safe abortion. But there also other more expensive abortion clinics such as Marie Stopes and free clinic’s such as Dora Nginza Government Hospital.

We are a Woman’s Clinic of first choice for these places: Despatch, Utinehage, Ibhayi,
Motherwell, Summestrand, Coega, Colchester, Kwa Nobuhle, Bethelsdorp and New Brighton.

If you are in Jeffery’s Bay, St Francis Bay, Humansdorp and surrounding areas and you looking for a safe way to terminate a pregnancy we shall assist you as well.

We are a registered abortion clinic in Port Elizabeth.

Abortion Clinic Port Elizabeth
Abortion Clinic Port Elizabeth

Abortion at Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic in Port Elizabeth is Safe

Women’s Choice prides in ourselves for offering safe termination of pregnancy up to 16 weeks.

This is our primary offering to ensure that you go through the process safely.

The most common termination of pregnancy that we do is termination with a pill. This is called medical abortion.

It is the most common because it is cheap, safe and effective. Most women who take abortion pills terminate on the same day. A few terminate after a few days later.

Abortion pills are very successful in ending unwanted pregnancies. This process otherwise known as medical abortion is affordable to most women.

Abortion pills are also recommended by the World Health Organization. This method is also the most common method of termination in Government hospitals. It is quick and cheap and frees up staff to attend to other issues.

How Does the Abortion Pill work?

There are two methods of termination with a pill. Method 1 two medicines are administered. That is Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Method 2 only one medicine is given Misoprostol.

Method 1 is more effective than Method 2 but both have high success rates.

Of-course administering two pills is usually more expensive than administering one pill. So the issue of affordability is the main reason why one pill is offered as opposed to two.

Remember the whole idea is to help a pregnant woman terminate safely. So, we do whatever we have to do to help this woman terminate safely.

How is Abortion Medicine Taken?

If you are given two types of medicine you will take it over a period of two days. On day 1 you take the Mifepristone. It this will cut off nutrients to the pregnancy and make it nonviable.

You take Mifepristone with a glass of water.

Day two you take the Misoprostol which will expel the contents of the uterus. It leads to bleeding. The bleeding starts off heavily then reduces to a trickle. It may last between a few days to a few weeks but this is normal.

Insert Misoprostol under the tongue and allow it to dissolve there with saliva or insert it deep in the vagina. The doctors will advise you what to do.

Misoprsotol abortion pill
Best way to take Misoprostol is Under the Tongue

Method 2 – Only Misprostol is given and you insert under tongue or in the vagina.

The only time you should worry is if you bleed very heavily for more than a day. In such a situation seek immediate hospital attention. Simply call it miscarriage and you will be assisted.

Risks of Taking Abortion Pills

Risks of having abortion with pills are very rear. The common issues with pills is what you go through on the day you take Misoprsotol. These are chills, diarrhea, vomiting and cramping.

On very rear occasions there is over bleeding. This may happen but rarely. You should be alert while taking abortion pills.

You must not take alcohol or drugs so that you are attentive. When you over bleed seek immediate medical attention.

Abortion pills do not affect your future chances of getting pregnant.

Where to buy Abortion Pills Port Elizabeth / Where to get Abortion Pills in Port Elizabeth

We have in stock abortion pills. And if you know want you want let talk.

We offer different types of abortion pills and ensure that you are able to end your unwanted pregnancy safely and effectively.

Our pills include Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Cytotec, Mifegymiso, Methotrexate and many other different types of termination medicine.

Our professional doctors and nurses will chat with you and give you the best abortion pills for your needs.

Abortion Pill Price in Port Elizabeth – Women’s Choice

Abortion pills are affordable. But the price of pills depends on many variables such as the duration of your pregnancy and the preferred method of taking them.

So let us talk and we shall tell you the exact price of the dose of pills and the combination of pill types that will sort out your problem.

Abortion Doctors Port Elizabeth at Women’s Choice

We have in our employment abortion doctors in Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas that will help you terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and want to terminate do not delay. Abortion is a time sensitive activity. Do it as as soon as you decide. If you delay the law and time will make decision for you.

Government Abortion Clinics in Port Elizabeth | Dora Nginza Hospital Abortion Clinic

Free Abortion is supposed to be offered by Government Hospitals such as Dora Nginza, PE Pronvicial Hospital, and Livingstone Hospital.

But there four things unique to all government hospitals:

  1. Most of them will help you if you are 12 weeks or less. If you are more you out of luck.
  2. They often do not have dedicated abortion clinics. You have to line up at the antenatal clinic with every one else.
  3. Most of the abortion done there is medical with a pill.
  4. Patience, patience and calmness is the name of the game. The numbers of people looking for help is frightening. If you are calm and patient you may be helped.
  5. The volume of people seeking help is what makes some people looking for termination fail to get help. The hospitals systems are overwhelmed.
Abortion clinic in Port Elizabeth |Mother Well|Uitenhage|- Eastern Cape
Dora Nginza Hospital

Do not call Government hospitals. Go to them. That is how you get the right answer you looking for.

We shall see how to help you if you do not find happiness at Government hospitals. Get back to us Women’s Choice +27 61 067 8310 and we see how best to assist you.

Abortion clinic in Port Elizabeth |Mother Well|Uitenhage|- Eastern Cape

If you are in Port Elizabeth and looking for cheap abortion we shall assist you.

Our service are safe, cheap but professional.

Our specialty is medical abortion to ensure that we keep our prices affordable to all women who need them.

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