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Best Abortion Clinic in Nelspruit – Women’s Choice. We offer safe, same day termination of pregnancy.

We are the best abortion clinic in Nelspruit because to us it is about helping you terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

It has to be done safely, quickly, cheaply and in a guaranteed way. This is what Women’s Choice does.  Women’s Choice is therefore one of the best places to abort pregnancy in Nelspruit.

This is a difficult time for you. It is a time you are deep in thoughts. We therefore want to help you through it, as affordably as possible.

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Pregnant and Worried. – Women’s Choice is here to help

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Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic in Nelspruit

 The clinic has been in service for over 10 years offering safe termination of pregnancy for people of Nelspruit and surrounding areas.

It is a Legal Abortion Clinic in Nelspruit.

So if you find that you are pregnant and in need of abortion in Nelspruit, get hold of us. Our number is on top.

Method of Termination of Pregnancy at Women’s Choice – Nelspruit

The most common type of termination of pregnancy we offer at our clinic is abortion with a pill otherwise called medical termination.

This is the most common because it is safe and cheap.

What is involved with Medical Abortion

You will be given two sets of pills to be taken over a two day period.

Day one the pill is to cut off nutrients to the pregnancy and prepare it for emptying.

Day two pill empties the contents of the uterus.

The two pills are called Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

The alternative is surgical abortion where a doctor directly intervenes and performs the termination. This is expensive very few women can afford it.

Is the method with a Pill Safe?

Yes, it is very safe. It does not interfere with you health at all. Most women are able to get back to work after abortion with a pill a day later.

You will also fall pregnant as soon as you want to. Your fertility remains intact.

The Pill has Temporary side effects

When you are taking the pills you will go through some temporary effects that quickly go away.

  1. Cramping happens and it may be very uncomfortable.
  2. Diarrhea – the pill causes diarrhea that also quickly goes. Keep re hydrating yourself with hot black tea. No water.
  3. Vomiting is possible.
  4. Chills and a feeling of feverish.
  5. Dizzy
  6. Bleeding with clots

All these temporary side effects may occur but they soon go away.

The starting price for medical abortion is around R600. It depends on how far you are into your pregnancy. Contact us so that we give you the exact pricing.

Abortion Clinic in Nelspruit - Safe abortion pills
taking abortion pills

Surgical Abortion at the abortion clinic in Nelspruit

This is the expensive method of ending a pregnancy and everything is done and ends in the clinic.

The minimum price for Surgical Abortion is R3500.

How Surgical Abortion is done. 

Surgical Abortion in progress

It is done with tools in the clinic only. You can not do surgical abortion anywhere else. It is critical to do in an environment  set up for the purpose.

The female reproductive system and surgical abortion

The female reproductive system is made up of the:

  • vagina – All women know what that is.
  • uterus (womb) – That is where the unborn normally grows
  • fallopian tubes – These are channels to carry the eggs to womb.
  • ovaries – two small glands that contain your eggs (ova). 

When you become pregnant, a fertilised egg lodges in the lining of the uterus as shown in the picture below.

Eggs after fertilization are carried to the womb. The fertilized egg attaches itself to the womb lining and therefore you are pregnant. That is the normal pregnancy.

If the egg is fertilized but does not make it to the womb that is what is known as Ectopic pregnancy.

This kind of pregnancy is dangerous and surgery happens in a hospital to end it. 

Fertilization and pregnancy process


A surgical abortion is the removal of this pregnancy through the vagina using specialized instruments. 

To have a surgical abortion, the cervix must be opened wide enough to allow the surgical instruments into the uterus. 

Preparing for a surgical abortion

Always check with your clinic, but general instructions before undergoing an abortion include: 

  • Don’t smoke, eat or drink (not even water) for about six hours before the operation.
  • Expect to be at the clinic for at least two hours.

Anaesthetic for a surgical abortion

The clinic you go to for an abortion will tell you about what type of anaesthetic it can offer you, and how you should prepare for it.  

This is done to minimize the pain and discomfort during the process.

It can be general so that the whole body in numbed or local only around the areas affected in the abortion process – the cervix.

Method of surgical abortion

Most abortions are performed using ‘suction (vacuum) aspiration’. To have this procedure you need to be in your first trimester (first three months) of pregnancy. (This means you are 12 weeks pregnant or less.) 

Your cervix opening is gradually widened with rods of increasing size and a slim tube is then inserted into your uterus. The pregnancy (the fetus and the placenta) is withdrawn with gentle suction. Another instrument called a curette is used to check the uterus is empty.

This operation takes less than 15 minutes.

Advantages of Surgical Abortion

It is quick.

The process ends in the clinic.

Recovery is also quick.

It has no side effects. 

Disadvantages of Surgical Abortion

It is very expensive. Few women will afford it.

The doctor has to put instruments into your body. It is not private.

It is done on appointment only. There may be a waiting period.

Some times anesthesia has side effects on you, like chocking.

Slight chances of mistakes in the procedure are possible.

What is the Right Abortion Procedure in Nelspruit?

Medical Abortion and Surgical Abortion are both OK. What you can afford determines what you get.

Abortion Pills around Nelspruit

Abortion pills are one way you can end a pregnancy safely. It is safe and cheap. You can get it in Nelspruit.

But you have to be careful. Getting the right pills and the right dose may be more difficult than what you think.

That is when you have to come to us the professionals to assist. 

Doctors for Abortion in Nelspruit

We have in our service professional skilled doctors that have specialized in termination of unwanted pregnancies.

Our doctors have a combined service of 20 years helping women abort.

So you will be in the right hands.

You will end the unwanted pregnancy safely and quickly. All you have to do is to contact us and you will be helped. 

abortion clinic in Nelspruit
Abortion Clinic in Nelspruit

Our abortion clinic will assist you get the right pills and the right dose so that you can terminate quickly and safely.

Our number is below. You can count us on us to get you the right abortion pills in Nelspruit that will help you do the job safely and quickly.

Abortion Clinic Phone Number Nelspruit +27 61 067 8310


Same Day Abortion in Nelspruit

Our service both abortion with a pill and surgical is a same day service. The day you take the pill is the day you are going to terminate.

You do not need an appointment to come through. All you have to do is alert us that you need help and you come through.

It is first come first served. No complications. That is what will happen at our abortion place in Nelspruit. It is safe, efficient, private and anonymous

We do not ask questions that are irrelevant. We do not care who you are.

Our job is to assist you in the best way possible so that you get your life back. Period. 

Private abortion clinics in Nelspruit / Registered abortion clinics in Nelspruit

Women’s Choice clinic is a private abortion centre in Nelspruit. It is registered. So you be in the right hands that will help you quickly put this issue behind you.

Abortion is actually not complicated if done early and done properly. It is safe.

Do not try anything before talking to us. You should not take any funny things. They will not help you and may endanger you. Let us assist you end the pregnancy in a professional manner.

Abortion hospitals in Nelspruit

If you prefer to do abortion at a hospital that option is possible.

Government hospital are all mandated to offer abortion services. Please try Rob Ferreira Hospital – Mbombela.

Address: Generaal Daan Pienaar Drive, Sonheuwel Central, Nelspruit, 1200

Their only problem is volumes of people looking for all kinds of services.

Government hospitals do not have dedicated abortion clinics. You are going to be required to wait in line with every one.

If patience is your thing. This is the place to go.

If you need a quick safe termination of pregnancy service in Nelspruit- try us. Please let us know and we shall help you.

But nothing stops you from trying the hospital you may be lucky.  The hospital staff may may assist you.

Go there and try your luck. The nursing may get assist you.

Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic in Nelspruit

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Abortion Clinic Phone Number Nelspruit +27 61 067 8310


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