Cheapest Abortion Clinic Mafikeng

Cheapest Abortion Clinic Mafikeng – Women’s Choice. We are the cheapest Abortion Clinic in Mafikeng because we want to assist you.

This is a difficult time and money should not be a major issue in helping you end an unwanted pregnancy.

Pregnancy termination should be done as quickly as possible so that you put it behind you.

But Mafikeng has othe options they include – Dr Paul abortion clinics Mafikeng (Mahikeng) and Marie Stopes Mafikeng. You have a choice depending on what you can afford. The results are the same.

Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic

We specialize in early termination of pregnancy and we do cheaply.

Early termination is between 1 week to 16 weeks in our clinic.

For cost purposes and to ensure women do wait for long the first option we give to women it to terminate using an abortion pill.

Abortion pills are safe and can be administered by both doctors and nurses. The results are the same.

This is quite quick. Your health history is taken and you will advised whether you are a fit for medical or abortion or not.

If you are not a fit for medical abortion you advised on the alternatives available for you.

What is Medical Abortion or Abortion with a pill at Women’s Choice Mafikeng?

It involves two options –

Option 1 Two type of pills are given Mifepristone and Misoprostol (cytotec):

You will be given Mifepristone and Misoprostol to be taken over a two day period.

On day one you take Mifepristone with water. This cuts off nutrients to the pregnancy and therefore it can not continue.

Day two you take Misoprostol. Misoprostol will make the uterus cramp and dilate. This means that you will start bleeding.

The bleeding is akin to having your menstrual cycle, but a heavy cycle. Within a few hours it will decrease drastically but may continue from a few days to a couple weeks.

Within a day as long as the bleeding has drastically reduced you will be OK.

Option 2 Misoprostol Only

You will be given Misoprostol Only. The pills are taken under the tongue. This is called sublingual. You take the pills over a period of 6 hours.

The bleeding starts on the same day. Each person is different. The bleeding may start after 30 minutes, 1 hour or several hours. But it happens at the end of the day.

The bleeding my last several days to several weeks but as a trickle. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

The only time you should worry if you are having heavy bleeding that lasts more than day. In sucha situation seek immediate medical attention. Simply call it miscarriage.

Cheapest Abortion Clinic Mafikeng - abortion with a pill
Taking abortion pills under the tongue

Abortion Clinic Number is Mafikeng + 27 61 067 8310


Are Abortion Pills Safe / Do Abortion Pills at Women’s Choice have Side Effects?

No. We use the World Health Organization recognized medical abortion medication.

These pills do not have long time side effects.

You will terminate easily and can get pregnant quite quickly again. If you want too.

This what you may go through when taking abortion pills:

  • You may bleed after taking the first pill, mifepristone – rear though.
  • Misoprostol is what actually cause the bleeding. It starts within 1-4 hours after taking misoprostol.
  • Heavy bleeding with blood clots and tissue for several hours—usually about 4-5 hours, but it can vary. Clots can be quite large, and heavy bleeding can be surprising.
  • Heavy cramping is common.
  • Chills happen in most women. Take a lot of hot black tea to alleviate the chills.
  • Dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting and tiredness – these all go away within a day or so.

These are the common short time side effects. They are very normal with termination with a pill and often go away quickly.

In rear situations there is over bleeding. If you bleed heavily for more than a day, seek immediate hospital attention.

All you have to say is that you are going through a miscarriage and you will be assisted quickly. The solutions are quick and effective.

Safe Abortion Around Mafikeng

Are you in Mafikeng or Mahikeng and need to do a safe abortion? We are going to assist you. Our contact details are on top.

We shall end your unwanted pregnancy in a safe but affordable way. Abortion is not difficult if done early. You are not going to see anything other than your menstrual cycle. That is if you terminate early.

You can choose medical or surgical abortion. Medical abortion is with a pill. It is safe and affordable. Surgical abortion is when instruments are used to terminate.

Pregnant and in of termination services
Looking for Abortion Services?

Unsafe abortion abortion methods is when you use herbs such as Stametta or when you take things you hear from friends.

Do not try anything out on the advice of your friends.

You should not risk with your body. You can get safe abortion safely with a pill. Women’s Choice – Abortion clinic is available to assist you.

Abortion Clinic Mahikeng – Mambatho

Our clinic is based in Mahikeng. We are right in town.

Gives us call and let us talk about your issue.

How many weeks are you into your pregnancy? The early you terminate the better for you. Termination is a time sensitive act. Do it early.

Do not wait to be late.

Late termination of pregnancy is also illegal. So do not wait. Let us help you today.

In our legal abortion clinic in Mafikeng, we specializes in Medical Abortion. That is where a pill is used. The reason is affordability issues. Medical abortion is cheap but very safe.

Best Abortion Clinics 

Our abortion clinic is the best abortion centre in Mafikeng.

It is an abortion place where you are treated with kindness and given a professional service. It is safe and cheap.

All abortion services in Mafikeng are designed to assist you quickly get back you old body.

We do not judge women or girls we help. This is something we have done and listened to women who come to us. It is a difficult decision and we can not make it any more difficult.

Do you need help? Contact Us Now

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Mafikeng Abortion Doctor

We have in our employment several professional and skilled doctors. These doctors have in between them very many years of service.

Our doctors are empathetic. They know your situation. Under ordinary circumstances you would not do this. But, you are have taken a tough decision and you reasons the reasons why. Our job is to help you out. This what we have to do and we shall assist.

Let us help you terminate an unwanted pregnancy in Mafikeng. Our details are on top.

Remember the best doctors performing abortion in Mafikeng are in our employment.

Mafikeng Abortion Hospital

Government hospitals offer abortion services as mandated by the state.

There is only one problem. You can not walk into a government hospital and get an abortion there and then. It is impossible. The numbers are very big that do not allow immediate abortion attention.

You can try Mafikeng General Hospital and Mafikeng Provincial Hospital. You may be lucky and get quick assistance.

The reason why it is difficult to get help in government hospitals is that termination is not an emergency.

You are actually not sick. And amidst you there are people with all kinds ailments and they are in thousands. They need immediate attention.

So you can be pushed to the end of the queue. But with patience you can get help.

Those people who are in more need of help than you take the lead. If there is space, you will be accommodated.

But you can be lucky and helped quickly. Give it shot. You may be lucky.

Cheapest Abortion Clinic Mafikeng
Mahikeng Provincial Hospital

Abortion Pills in Mafikeng

If you know what you doing and need abortion pills, let us help you.

Getting abortion pills is not difficult but it is tricky. There is a chance you will get the wrong pills.

Let us remove that chance of you getting the wrong pills or the wrong dose. Our doctors will be of assistance to you and you will get the right thing. All you have to do is to contact us now.

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Abortion Clinic Number is Mafikeng + 27 61 067 8310


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