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Women’s Choice – Abortion Clinic Klerksdorp is a Legal Termination Clinic. We do Medical Abortion. Our service is Safe and Cheap. Results are Guaranteed.

Women’s Choice Safe Abortion Clinic in Klerksdorp

Are you pregnant and scared? You do not need to be. At Women’s Choice assistance is available for you. The results are guaranteed.

If you are in Klerksdorp and any of these towns and want to terminate a pregnancy – Stilfontein, Orkney, Buffelsfontein, Hartbeesfontein, Viljoenskroon, Ottosdal, Delarefville, Wolmaransstad and Ventersdorp? Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic Klerksdorp is your first point of call.

We are a safe Klerksdorp Abortion Center. The first focus of our service is your safety during this difficult time. This matters to us a lot.

Our doctor’s will ensure that you terminate your pregnancy safely and effectively. The results are guaranteed – because they are based on professionalism and science.

Gives us a call and let us talk and see how best we can assist you during this difficult time.

We Special in Medical Abortion

We specialize in medical abortion. That is our first option at Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic Klerksdorp. .

Abortion Clinic Klerksdorp - specialize in medical abortion
Abortion with a pill

Medical abortion is when a pill is used to end a pregnancy.

The reason for this is simple. Termination with a pill is affordable. It is safe and effective.

Most of the women we assist can not afford surgical abortion. It is very expensive.

That is why medical abortion is our number one offering because of its safety, effectiveness and affordability.

We want to serve every one who needs help without discrimination. Money should never be a reason to keep a pregnancy you do not want.

Abortion with a pill an Women’s Choice in Klerksdorp gives you a chance to choose.

You can choose between being a mother now or postpone to the future when you can afford it.

Our service is private and anonymous. But legal.

Abortion Pills in Klerksdop at Women’s Choice

Are you looking for abortion pills in Klerksdorp? Talk to us – WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310.

Some women know exactly what they want. They know that you can terminate safely with pills in the comfort of your home.

If you are the type that has terminated before and know it is safe, let us help you with the abortion pills in Klerksdorp.

You will be grateful that you did. We shall walk you through the murky waters of getting the right abortion pills. You will be given the right dose that will do the correct job for you.

We are professionals and we are legal service. Our doctors will talk to you and give you the right advice and the right pills so that you can achieve the objective that you want.

Abortion Doctor in Klerksdorp / Safe Abortion in Klerksdorp

We have abortion doctor in Klerksdorp center. We shall give a professional service.

Our doctors are compassionate.

They know what you are going through. It is a time you need a shoulder to lean on. Our doctors will offer you that shoulder as they assist you get back your old body.

We do not judge or ask embarrassing questions. No we do not do that. Our job is to give you safe abortion in Klerksdorp.

Klerksdorp Aurum Abortion

There is NO Klerksdorp Aurum Abortion. The Aurum Institute does not do abortion.

Aurum institute focuses on eradication of TB and HIV. Safe abortion though a noble cause is not their forty. You will not get an abortion there.

If you need help with Abortion you will get it at Women’s Choice Klerksdorp.

We have years of safe termination of pregnancy experience.

In Conclusion Abortion Clinic in Klerksdorp

Women’s Choice is a safe legal abortion clinic in Klerksdorp. We specialize in Medical abortion. This is where a pill is used. It is safe and cheap. This means it is available to all women who are pregnant and need assistance.

Are you in Klerksdorp and need termination help? Our number is below.

Women’s Choice Abortion Clinic Klerksdorp

Address: West End Building, Siddle Street, West Acres, Klerksdorp, 2570

Abortion Clinic Phone Number Klerksdorp +27 61 067 8310

Email: help@womens-choice.co.za

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