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Women’s Abortion Clinic in Germiston is where safe termination of pregnancy is done.

If you are pregnant in and around Germiston and do not want to get through with your pregnancy to full term, this is the right place. We shall help you privately, compassionately and affordably.

You will be able to get back your body quickly and lead your old normal life.

Method of Termination of Pregnancy at Abortion Clinic Germiston

The most common method of termination of pregnancy at Germiston is medical abortion.

Medical abortion is where you terminate your pregnancy using a pill.

It is cheap and very safe. Abortion with a pill usually happens the same day you use the pill.

Surgical abortion though possible is often very expensive for most women.

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Abortion Doctors Around Germiston

We have in our service professional abortion doctors. The doctors have been performing abortion for over 20 years between them.

Our doctors are compassionate and empathetic. They know what you are going through to decide to end a pregnancy. They know this is a difficult time for you. Our doctors will therefore deal with you with care and kindness.

Abortion Pills in Germiston

Are you looking for abortion pills in Germiston? You will be able to get them at our abortion clinic.

We shall get you the right abortion pills. Our abortion pills work the same day. These pills help you end the pregnancy and empty everything from the uterus so that you are able to go one with your life less the pregnancy.

The abortion pills we shall give you are very safe. Nothing will happen to you. All that will happen is that your pregnancy will be terminated and nothing more will happen.

Are the Abortion Pills Painful?

Each woman feels differently. But expect the following – cramping, nausea, vomiting, chills and diarrhea. These are normal effects brought on by the medication.

They all go away quite quickly and you are able to become your normal self quite quickly. You do not need to worry at all.

How Effective are the Abortion Pills

The pills are very effective if you follow the instructions to the dot. There are dos and do-nots. If you follow the instructions given to you, all will be well.

An extremely big percentage of women that are given pills terminate on day of usage. A few women terminate a few days later. And another very small percentage of women terminate on taking the pills the second time.

It will be well. If you get the right pills from us you will be OK. YOu will terminate safely.

Safe Abortion Around Germiston

Are you looking for safe abortion Germiston? You are in the right place. We shall assist you end the unwanted pregnancy in a very safe way.

You will end your pregnancy and get back your body quickly.

All you have to do is to give us call or whatsapp message:

Call or WhatsApp + 27 61 067 8310

Email: help@womens-choice.co.za

abortion germiston
Abortion clinic around Germiston

Abortion Clinic in Germiston | Abortion Around Germiston

Do you want to end your pregnancy and you are in Germiston? Let us help you.

Our service is safe . It is affordable. And you can do it cheaply.

Abortion Clinic in Germiston | Abortion Around Germiston is where you will be able to get a safe, professional termination of pregnancy done by professional doctors.

The cheapest method of termination but safe is abortion with pills. You can use the pills in the comfort of your home and you will be perfectly fine. If you are early all you will see is your menstrual cycle.

Call or WhatsApp today for immediate assistance.

Dr Rene Musa - I am a professional doctor specializing in termination of pregnancy. I specialized in women reproductive health to ensure that women have a chance to terminate safely. Having children should be a choice and not an accident. If you are not ready you should not have babies. Women, regardless of age should be free to choose when they want to become parents. I have over 15 years of safe termination of pregnancy experience. Do you need help? WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310 now.
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